The Ultimate Guide to Getting Over Depression, Mood Swings & Bad Moods

(Kill Bad Emotions Fast With Advanced Psychology )

No Nonsense Superior Advice That Does Work

Be a positive thinker and exercise
Become more optimistic or talk to a close friend
Do something new or travel somewhere

You heard them all
You applied them all
And they all never worked

Because those are the nonsense advice everybody is circulating. Ending depression and other bad moods requires advanced knowledge of psychology in addition to a very deep level of self understanding. This book offers you the right knowledge ,which very few people know, that can help you end this pain for good.

Feel Better or Get Your Money Back

By buying this book now you will either get a mood improvement or your money back. Personally I believe that this is the only depression book being sold that offers a full money back guarantee and that doesn't have nonsense advice.

The title “The ultimate guide to getting over depression” was not selected for nothing or by chance. This book Will without doubt help you feel much better, get rid of your depression, have a more stable mood, understand your bad feelings deeply, learn how to deal with them and live a much happier life.

Depression and other bad moods are nothing more than messages sent to you by your mind in order to motivate you to take some kind of action. If you managed to take the right action as soon as the message is received then the message will disappear but if you failed to interpret the message or if you took the wrong action then you might live with the bad mood for a long period of time.

This book will give you a very deep understanding of your emotions and then will tell you the best way to respond to them in order to force the bad feelings to disappear in the shortest period of time possible.

Why This book Works While Most Other Books Don't

  • 1) No Traditional Nonsense Advice: This book does not contain traditional advice like "be a positive thinker", "Exercise often", "learn to love life" or "be optimistic" but instead it contains direct and practical advice that are based on psychology, subconscious mind programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, expressive therapy, psychodynamic therapy , interpersonal therapy and many other sciences.
  • 2) Offers Permanent Solutions That Work: This book doesn’t offer quick fixes that last for few days then lose their effect later on such as “You need to travel”, “take few days off” or “talk to a friend” but instead it provides permanent solutions to depression, mood swings and sadness that are based on complex psychological principles which are simplified enough to be understood and applied by anyone easily.
  • 3) 100% Practical advice: The book won’t only help you understand these emotions and their root causes but it will also give you practical and effective steps that will help you get rid of them, reduce the bad effect they have on your life and prevent them from visiting you again.
  • 4) Ends all kinds of bad moods: The book will not only tell you how to get over depression but it will also tell you how to get over mood swings, how to deal with suppressed emotions, how to control your emotions, how to prevent bad moods, how to become emotionally resilient, how to eliminate stress from your life, how to channel your anger correctly and how to live a happier life.
  • 5) Unlike Anything you have seen before: The other thing that makes the book different is that it has no alternatives, browse the web, search for free tips, grab all the advice you can and as soon as you discover that they aren't working come back and buy it. There are no free alternatives to the information found in this book and that's why i am increasing its price every few weeks. Bookmark this page and come back when you are tired of searching.

Guaranteed Mood change or Else Get Your Money Back

The book offers a money back guarantee in case it didn’t help you feel better. Since I know the book is effective and different I am offering you a 100% money back guarantee.

I am sure you have read more than a dozen self help books that talked about depression, took various kinds of medication and asked everyone you know for advice without finding any signs of relief.

I really hate marketing hype, those who overly hype their inferior products and those who fool people into buying things that they don’t need but for the sake of letting you know the truth, i have to say that this book will be the end of your suffering, a turn point in your life and a permanent change in the way you see life and bad events.

This book guarantees that your mood will change and your life will become happier as soon as you start applying what you read in it. This book will definitely give you a strong permanent push to your mood that will last forever. In short, this is the best depression book you are ever going to read. If after reading it you found something different, please let me know and I will gladly give you your money back.

How Much Would you Pay to End Depression?

How much would you pay to end depression for a day?
And What About ending it forever?

1000 Dollars? 2000 Dollars? or even 10,000 Dollars?
Well, This book only costs 18 Dollars.

This is a dirt cheap price for ending bad emotions.

Book Information

Number of pages: 77 Pages. Numerous effective techniques, direct and to the point, no useless pages or out of topic ones. No intuitive tricks, No traditional advice and no facts that aren't backed by solid research.

Price: 14.99 USD 17.99 USD (Contrary to all other books in the world, 2knowmyself's book go up in price as the time passes, the sooner you buy them the better is it for you)

For every book that '2knowmyself' releases, new versions are always released that contain more pages. The new versions are always sent free of charge to those who bought the old version. Prices of books increase with the release of new versions.

Format : .pdf, Ebook

About the Author

Farouk Radwan is the founder of ,the one who wrote all the 2000+ articles found on the website and the author of all's books.

Farouk is a motivational speaker and trainer, he is studying psychology since he was 17, in addition he is the owner of the company Empowerment (based in Egypt) which is specialized in delivering personal development courses to individuals and corporations.

Farouk is a certified NLP practitioner (American board of NLP), certified hypnosis practitioner (American board of hypnosis) and is holding a diploma in behavior therapy and gestalt therapy.

Farouk believes in facts that are backed by scientific research rather than Intuitive tricks that can be easily guessed by anyone.

Farouk was interviewed and his work was covered by several Egyptian TV channels and popular newspapers like OTV, MBC, El Youm TV, monowa3at TV, Cairo today, International Herald Tribune and el Ahram newspaper.

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The book is work of magic.

Your book is a very interesting and insightful. This is probably the best book that I have ever read on this topic-and I've read quite few! Your book has been very helpful to me and I will definitely buy more of your material in the future.
Elton M

I have read your book and I would say it is one of the best books around. Your book explained to me the reasons behind my sadness. Thanks for the wonderful insights!

Refund policy

All 2knowmyself books have a full refund policy of 2 months

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