The Ultimate guide to weight loss, diet alone is never the solution

About the book

This book contains all of the information you need in order to lose weight and to have an ideal body without depending on dieting. Whether you are sick of dieting or whether you are still on a diet you must have realized that living on a diet is something painful and unacceptable on the long term.

This book will allow you to permanently lose weight and to have an ideal body shape without preventing yourself from eating your favorite food or undergoing a diet.

The reason this book can help you lose weight in such a different way is that it doesn’t contain simple techniques that are based on motivational advice or logical tips but instead it contains effective techniques that are based on psychology, physiology, NLP, hypnosis and other sciences.

with more than forty different techniques found in the book you have a wide variety of methods to choose from in order to lose weight without suffering and without pain.

The techniques in this book were followed by lots of people before it was published and the result was a dramatic change in their weight and looks. All of them lost all of the fats that they had, and in addition, most of them developed an athletic body shape.

The are lots of weight loss books everywhere and some of the them are effective but the only problem is that most of them ask you to follow a diet as long as you live which is something that will result in one of the following two possibilities:

1) Getting sick of the diet and being unable to continue
2) Succeeding in dieting but living a horrible life because of the restrictions you are imposing on yourself

In both cases the results are unacceptable. you are in need of different methods that can allow you to lose weight in an effective way and without letting you suffer and this is what the ultimate guide to weight loss is here for.

Depending on a diet to change your body shape may be a successful short term solution but on the long run you will return back to where you started and will regain back your lost pounds.

I am not saying that dieting is useless or that all of those who start a diet will eventually fail to lose weight but what I'm saying is that in order to lose weight you are in need of much powerful techniques for weight loss other than the simple ones that are already known to everyone and that are not that effective.

If you followed the techniques that are found in this book I guarantee that you will lose all of your unwanted extra pounds and have a great body, losing weight is much simpler than what you could have imagined but you just need to know how to do it the right way and this is what this book is all about.

Number of pages : 47 Pages, (more than forty different techniques) Direct and to the point, no useless pages or out of topic ones, i could have made it 300 pages having the same content but i don’t like to waste your time just to make it appear bigger (just like what some authors do). Effectiveness can’t be measured by the number of pages but by the benefit you get out of these pages.

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Format: E-book, PDF

About the Author

Farouk Radwan is the founder of ,the one who wrote all the 2000+ articles found on the website and the author of all's books.

Farouk is a motivational speaker and trainer, he is studying psychology since he was 17, in addition he is the owner of the company Empowerment (based in Egypt) which is specialized in delivering personal development courses to individuals and corporations.

Farouk is a certified NLP practitioner (American board of NLP), certified hypnosis practitioner (American board of hypnosis) and is holding a diploma in behavior therapy and gestalt therapy.

Farouk believes in facts that are backed by scientific research rather than Intuitive tricks that can be easily guessed by anyone.

Farouk was interviewed and his work was covered by several Egyptian TV channels and popular newspapers like OTV, MBC, El Youm TV, monowa3at TV, Cairo today, International Herald Tribune and el Ahram newspaper.

Listen to an Audio sample

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