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Why dont i fall in love easily (reasons you don't fall in love)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why dont i fall in love easily

Why don't i fall in love easily?
Why do i rarely fall in love?
Are there reasons i don't fall in love that easily?

If these questions sound familiar to you then this article is what you are looking for. Before you can understand why you don't fall in love easily you need to get a quick idea on the psychology of falling in love.

As a result of the past experiences people go through they end up with a list of conditions that determines how their future partner should look like. This list is usually unconscious and it controls the person's desire to love someone.

For example, If a girl always felt insecure in her past then most probably she will fall in love with a man who can satisfy her psychological need of protection provided that all other factors are constant.

so if there are rules then why don't some people fall in love easily?

This is why you don't fall in love easily

One of the following might be the reason you don't fall in love easily:

  • 1) You meet the wrong people: If you kept meeting who don't match your subconscious love list then certainly you won't fall for any of them. Some people don't fall in love easily because they always keep meeting people who never match their subconscious criteria.(for more information see why do we fall in love)
  • 2) Your social life has got problems: How many new people do you meet each week? Many people come and tell me that they don't fall in love easily then i discover that they rarely meet any new person other than their same old friends. If you don't meet new people often then certainly you won't fall in love easily
  • 3) You are not a love addict: That's one good reason some people don't fall in love easily. Some people are love addicts who fall in love just to escape from their problems or to deal with their unwanted emotions. If you are not a love addict then certainly you won't fall in love that often (see love addiction)
  • 4) Your criteria is tight: Another reason that might be preventing you from falling in love easily is that you have a tight unconscious criteria for your future partner. If you meet new people all the time yet never fall in love with any of them then most probably this is the reason
  • 5) You know exactly what you are looking for: Many people fall in love easily whenever they get the chance to get into a relationship. People who know what they want usually don't fall in love easily because they don't take advantage of the first chance they get without really wanting it

Now that you know why you don't fall in love easily, here is what to do

If you don't fall in love easily then you must understand that this is not a bad thing. In fact you are most likely to find what you are looking for after sometime and to have a healthy relationship.

However if the problem is with your social life or if you think that you meet the wrong people then you must do any action that allows you to meet the right ones else this problem might bother you for a long period of time.

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