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I think that I am a Boring Person

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I think that I am a Boring Person

If you think that you are a boring person then you will fulfill the prophecy and become really boring even if you were not!! Let’s just examine how your belief about yourself can create a self reinforcing cycle that can result in convincing you that you are really boring:

Step 1: You think that you are a boring person
Step 2: You avoid talking too much or you even avoid talking at all not to make others get bored of you.
Step 3: Since others will find that you are always silent they may start to actually get bored of you.
Step 4: A rude person may directly express his emotions towards you and tell you that you are boring
Step 5: You become more convinced that you are boring and so you repeat the cycle again.
Voila you have just fulfilled the prophecy!!

Break The Cycle

If you want to stop this from happening to you then you should break the self reinforcing cycle. You can break the cycle at two points, either by forcing yourself to talk while being with others or either by building your self confidence and so removing that irrational belief about yourself.

In both cases the self reinforcing cycle will disappear and your friends will discover the true you. Remember you will only be boring if you thought that you are boring and you will be an interesting person if you though that you are an interesting person, its all about beliefs.

No one loves me

If you read few articles about the psychology of falling in love you will find that you are doing the exact opposite of the actions that can make people fall in love with you.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i described how appearing to be confident, walking with a straight back and appearing to be assertive can dramatically increase your chance of making people fall in love with you.

With such a beaten up spirit and with such defeated attitude you are pushing people away from you. When you notice that people are being repelled you will start to believe even more that you are a boring person, so just break the cycle.

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