I am not happy with my life

I am not happy with my life

Sometimes you might find yourself losing control of everything in your life.
Sometimes you might find yourself feeling helpless and not knowing what to do in order to solve your problems.

We all are subject to these ups and downs of life and no one is completely safe But, there are some people who refuse to let life treat them badly and even If it did, they force their way back to happiness.

Those are the ones who fight when others fall. Those are the one who refuse to give up when everyone loses hope. Those are the one’s who say no.

those who say No

No, a simple word formed of two letters yet has a great power.
Saying no to the unwanted changes in your life should not be done by opening your lips and getting those letters out but it should be done by changing whatever you don't like.

Saying no can be the signal you send to all of your body parts to tell them that you refuse to accept what’s happening and that they should be ready for a fight.

Saying no for normal people is just a word but for us , warriors, it signals the beginning of a war where we will either get what we want or either keep fighting forever.

Saying no is the way we tell life that we are not like everyone else. It’s the way we tell everyone that we are not of the type who fall. Saying no to life problems can be done by studying harder, working more, sleeping less, controlling your emotions, being patient, having a vision and believing in yourself.

How to say no

Whenever you face an undesired change in your life or an unwanted problem refuse to accept it.

say no by doing your best in order to change this situation. say no by refusing to fall a prey to depression even if everyone around you got depressed.

Say no by looking your fears straight into the eye instead of running away. Say no by setting plans, committing to them , becoming disciplined and fighting for them till the end.

Some people give up and cry when they face big problems while others say no.
We are the ones who say no..

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