The Spirit of a Warrior

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Choice

Why is this happening to me?!! Why do I have to suffer like that? This is just more than I can bear!

Do those phrases sound familiar? Usually, people have different responses to similar problems and so, when life gives them a hard time, some may cry, others may feel helpless, some become desperate and a few may try to get a hold of themselves yet fail. Some however, choose to fight!

Your reaction to each of life's challenges depends on your choice. Whether you want to live as a victim or as a warrior is something that is completely up to you. No one can escape life's problems and no one can control everything in his life, but we can control our reactions to those problems and crises.

The Spirit of a Warrior

Basically, Warriors are people who say No.

They say no to rejection by being persistent and eventually forcing people to believe in them.
They say no to unemployment by studying harder and increasing their qualifications until they find a great job.
They say no to unexpected events by being flexible.
They say no to failure by learning from it and using it as a step on the road to success.
They say no to depression and unwanted emotions by attempting to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves until they master their emotions.
They say no to life's problems by challenging them until they are solved.

Becoming a Warrior

Now onto the practical part. How can you become a warrior? I’ve already mentioned at the beginning of the article that allowing your problems to knock you down is just a choice.

Your subconscious mind simply scans its choices every time it faces a crisis and selects the best choice available. Thus, becoming a warrior can be done by adding a new choice in that list so that your subconscious mind can choose it. This choice is to fight instead of giving up in the face of pressure.

The second step is working on changing your self-talk from a beaten up style to a warrior style. For example, instead of saying “why does this always happen to me, why do I always have to be rejected” you could say “After sometime, I'll make you regret rejecting me.”

The third step is to stop listening to media that makes you feel like a victim. For example songs that contain phrases similar to “I have tried so hard but life is …bla bla” or “wish I could be someone else”. This style of media will surely make you end up feeling helpless and desperate.

To make a long story short, warriors have problems and troubled times but they just choose to look life straight in the eye instead of choosing to be victims.

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Have you become a warrior yet?

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