How to get over someone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Falling in Love with Someone You Cant Have

Getting over someone can sometimes appear to be impossible. It feels really bad when you fall in love with someone you can’t have but It feels even worse when you become sure that this relationship you are in can never work.

Five years ago I was ultimately convinced that breakups are the worst thing that could ever happen to someone. I used to believe that forgetting about someone is one of the hardest things in life, especially if you had the feeling that he/she was the one.

I used to carry all of these beliefs in my mind until that day came where i went deep into the psychology of falling in love and discovered that getting over someone can take less than 2 weeks if the proper instructions were followed!!

In this article series i will give you tips that will surely help you get over anyone you love in no time.

Warning: These "Getting over someone" tips will make you numb

After following the links in this page and after reading the articles in this section your way of thinking will be permanently modified, those breakups that kept you depressed for years won’t take few weeks or even days before you forget about them. Getting over someone will be a process that takes weeks if not days.

If you think that pain is an essential part of love or if you think that lovers should suffer then stop reading ,However, if you believe that exaggerated attachment is something that can hinder you from living a happy life and if you believe that this pain is unnecessary then keep reading.

After going through this article Breakups won’t hurt like they used to, you won't have false beliefs about relationships and you will recover much faster.

How to get Over Someone

I cant say that one article will do the job and that’s why you need to go through all of the links below. You don’t have to read the articles in a specific order but you have to read them all.

How to get over someone, A step by step guide

Few concepts you must understand:

  • "The One" Concept is a myth: One of the main reasons if not the main reason people don't recover from breakups is that they believe in the one Myth. Your subconscious mind can never heal if it believed that the person who broke up with you was the best person who ever existed. By learning more about the "one" concept and understanding that we all have lots of potential partners out there you will be able to get rid of the pain associated with a breakup
  • Lots of people can be the One: I have explained before in my article the psychology of love that we fall in love with those who match some of the criteria we have in our subconscious mind. This means that more than one person can match our criteria!! Moreover you might fall in love with someone who matched 30 out of your forty subconscious criteria while in fact there could be a person out there who matches 35 of them!!
  • Being dumped doesn’t mean that you are bad: Contrary to common beliefs a big part of the pain experienced after a breakup is not related to the person we loved but to our hurt Egos, shaken self confidence, worries about the future and the feelings of loneliness. By learning how to divide your bad feelings into small parts and by understanding the root cause behind each part's you will be able to heal yourself completely without needing the person who dumped you!!
  • Recovering from breakups much faster: Once you understand why do we fall in love, why we feel bad after breakups and how love psychology works you won't only recover from the current breakup but you will get over the next ones much faster. You will never have any problems getting over someone and You will know how to get over someone even if you think that you can't forget him

How to get over anyone by correcting your beliefs

  • Getting over the emotions not the person!: Just as i mentioned before, A hurt Ego, shaken confidence or even worries about the future can be the main reasons you feel bad after a breakup. The first step to getting over someone is to make a list of all the bad feelings you have and determine which ones are related to the person you loved and which ones are related to other reasons. For more information on how to do this check out I was dumped and its killing me
  • Everything reminds me of him!: When two events become associated with each other in the mind so that the occurrence of one of them reminds you of the other then this is called an anchor(for example listening to a song that reminds you of a certain situation that happened before). When you try to get over someone you will usually face lots of anchors that will remind you of that person and that's why you should learn how to break these anchors. Read my article Everything reminds me of him, how to get over him In order to learn how to break the anchors and get over people quickly
  • Love addiction prevents recovery from breakups: Love addiction is the case where people become addicted to relationships for the sake of solving other problems in their lives and getting rid of their bad emotions. Some people get into relationships in order not to feel lonely, to get over anxiety or even depression. If you are a love addict then you won't be able to get over the person you loved before you deal with love addiction. Read my article I cant live without being loved For more information on getting over love addiction
  • Breakups and disappointments: In addition to the bad feelings a person experiences after a breakup there will also be a great deal of disappointment felt. In order to get over this disappointment read my article I broke up and i am disappointed
  • There are no ones!!: There is no such a thing as the one or the soul mate but we do have many potential partners awaiting us out there. Read my article He is the one, How to get over him? so that you learn how to bust this myth and get over that person
  • Preventing a breakup: Sometimes it is possible to prevent a breakup before it even happens. Read my article Is he losing interest? for more information about signs of loss of interest
  • Acceptance leads to recovery: Contrary to common beliefs, if you knew for sure that the relationship won't work you will start to recover. A person can only get over someone when he accepts the fact that he can't get him back else he will live on the remaining hope and suffer. If you can find a way to reassure yourself that the relationship is over you will easily be able to get over that person. See also How to tell if he is serious about the relationship
  • Where is the ultimate guide to getting over someone?

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