Body Language's Love Signals and other signals

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Signs that Show That Someone Loves You

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Contrary to common beliefs knowing whether someone loves you or not is simple, you just need to open your eyes for the following signs. If you saw many of them then make sure that the person likes you. Before you read further into this page make sure that you read about body language first.

Put in mind that the presence of only one signal is not enough for knowing whether someone likes or not and so you should look for more than one sign before you judge the other person’s feelings.

Love Signals

If someone loves you or if he is extremely interested in you then most probably he won't tell you directly until he becomes sure of your emotions towards him.

But behind the scenes his subconscious mind will keep sending you signals that shows that he is deeply interested in you. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how the falling in love process happens on the subconscious level and how you can understand someone's real emotions by watching for these unconscious signals.

Now i am going to tell you about those unconscious signs so that you can use them to know whether someone loves you or not.

  • The Private Distance: When you become interested in someone you will keep a smaller private distance between you and him compared to the distance you would leave otherwise while being with others. You will also notice that people who are interested in you will stand closer to you than to other people. For detailed information on private distance see this article.
  • Orientation/Zero angle: Orienting himself in your direction even if he were standing with other people is a powerful sign of attraction in body language. The words "Orienting himself" means that the person stands with his shoulders parallel to yours and with his toes pointing towards you. For more information see The body language section
  • Positive Evaluation Gesture: In body language rubbing your brows with your fingers means that you liked something or thought positively of it. Now what if someone took this gesture whenever he saw you?? This certainly means that this person loves you. If you want to see a picture for the positive evaluation gesture then please check this link Positive evaluation gesture
  • I don't want anything in particular: If someone likes you then you will find him Calling you for trivial reasons (for example: asking about something that he/she already knows). If the person was smart enough he might find a good reason to call you for but when the frequency of these calls increase then this usually indicates that there is something behind it.
  • Why am i happy?: Smiling while talking to you even if there was no good reason for smiling is another strong sign for attraction. In most cases he will try to hide the smile and so he will appear as if he is trying to prevent a smile from showing on his face
  • Smiles that Don’t Fade quickly: A smile will not fade away quickly if the person was genuinely interested in you (this does not have to be a love signal but in the worst case scenario it will be a sign of deep interest). Only fake smiles fade away quickly while true smiles stay a little longer before they disappear.
  • Nice or Cold? Being very nice one day and ignoring you the other day is one of the strongest sings of attraction. The logic behind this is very simple, at the beginning the person treats you very nicely because he likes you but when he realizes that he has done too much effort without receiving a response he starts to pull back. This person might say to himself something like "Oh my God, I showed lots of signs today that shows that i am interested in her but I still didn't get a response, tomorrow I should totally ignore her". So when you find someone being nice one day and cold the other day then know that the positive signs he showed resulted from the positive emotions he has towards you and that the negative signs were given just to cover his tracks
  • Mr./Mrs. Everywhere: Meeting him/her many times by coincidence is another sign. Of course these are not coincidences but the person may either be changing his schedule to match yours or he may be going to the places that you usually go to in order to meet you by coincidence.
  • Your Friends Are Really Nice: Starting to care more about your friends and becoming more nice to them is a strong sign of attraction especially if he/she wasn’t interested in them before.
  • Cancellations: canceling his other plans in order to see you.
  • Where Are You? Finally the person who loves you will try to keep you within his line of sight and each now and then he will take a look at you to make sure that you are still there. This sign can work the other way too if you kept looking someone in the eye for extended periods of time you might let him fall in love with you. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that falling in love is experienced when certain hormones are released into the body, if you managed to force the release of these hormones in someone's body then he might be fooled into thinking that he actually loves you. And guess what, looking into his eyes for extended periods can do this!! for more signs check part two of this article.

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