Feeling lonley and overcoming loneliness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Loneliness Definition

Loneliness may be one of the hardest feelings that someone could experience. It is one of the few feelings that could cause a suicide.

But what is loneliness?
As you may have already noticed, you may have lots of friends or know lots of people but still feel that you are all alone in this world or even isolated.

what causes loneliness?

The main cause for the feeling of loneliness is the lack of intimate relationships. Yes, you may know lots of people or have many friends but if your relationship with them is too superficial or if you never share your emotions with them then you will feel lonely.

Sharing your emotions and secrets with people won't only help you in overcoming loneliness but it will also help you get closer to your friends.

Another strong cause for the feelings of loneliness while being with other people is feeling that you are not welcomed.

If you felt that people don’t like you then you wont be able to form intimate relationships with them and so you will feel lonely when being with them.

Overcoming Loneliness?

In order to overcome loneliness you need to share your emotions and life experiences with other people.

Try not to spend most of your time alone. If the nature of your work keeps you away from direct contact with people then try to do your best to see people on your weekends.

By going to public places or social events you can increase your chances of meeting people and so reduce your loneliness. The following are some practices you should take to overcome loneliness:

  • if you study a lot then try to study with someone else. The more time you spend alone the more the loneliness feelings will get reinforced.
  • If you go for a daily walk, ask a close friend to join you.
  • one of the very strong factors that help in overcoming loneliness is emotional honesty. Try to be more open with your friends, tell them about your fears and worries instead of running the usual superficial conversations. If you are afraid to share your emotions then you may have a self confidence problem, Some people think that telling others that they feel down or depressed makes them weak. This is not true, you are not your emotions, if you feel down then this doesn’t mean that you are bad and if you are depressed then this doesn’t mean that you are inadequate. It just means that you are a human. Know that normal human beings have down times just like they have up-times. People who claim that they are always superior suffer from an inferiority complex. (See (superiority complex) for more information).
  • one of the most effective ways to overcome loneliness is getting into a relationship. When you get into a relationship each single aspect of your life will be shared with your partner and so the feelings of loneliness will disappear. The draw back to this solution is that you cannot control the time it happens as there are lots of other variables involved. Its pretty beneficial to know how to make someone fall in love with you so that you can use this information to attract others to you.
  • Another good action that you could take to overcome loneliness is getting involved into some kind of a project that involves team work. When being involved into such projects you will be obligated to share your ideas, thoughts and even your fears with others. You may also have to attend regular meetings in order to discuss the project’s issues. All of the previous actions can totally remove your feelings of loneliness.
  • One of the main facts about loneliness is that you become more attached to other people when you experience a problem or a downtime. On the other hand you may feel quite normal on your own if you had no current problems in your life and you may even enjoy your time alone, this is called the power of solitude.

Loneliness and depression

Loneliness can result in a severe depression if no actions were taken to solve this problem. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how medications, doing something new or exercising will never help in removing depression unless the person deals with the real root cause.

In this case, dealing with loneliness is the only way to get rid of the depression associated with it.

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