Feeling Anxious About An Upcoming Event

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling Anxious About An Upcoming Event

When dealing with anxiety that results from being worried about an upcoming event there are many things you should put into consideration.

Changing your perception of the situation can certainly reduce your anxiety because ,after all, anxiety can be caused by incorrect perception.

The second point is that learning how to relax and breath properly can certainly lower your anxiety. Also having a backup plan can be one of the best methods to reduce your worries about an upcoming event since you will not be that attached to the outcome.

The following are some methods that will help you tame your anxiety:

  • Change your negative self talk: Negative self talk are the negative phrases you use while you are thinking. Examples of negative self talk phrases may be "I know I won't do well tomorrow" or "I am afraid of losing this job". You must train yourself to use positive self talk or at least neutral self talk rather than a negative one. You can learn how to do this by learning about CBT
  • You can choose your emotions: Yes its a fact. You can choose your own emotions if you wanted to. If your subconscious mind found any other choice other than letting you experience bad emotions then it will certainly prevent you from experiencing them. Check out this guide to know how to choose your emotions and deal with anxiety
  • Anxiety and backup plans: After all life is full of uncertainties and there is nothing that is one hundred percent guaranteed. If you were worried about an upcoming event then certainly developing a backup plan will help you feel much better
  • Building confidence: In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how anxiety can be the result of lack of self confidence. If you managed to become more confident in your abilities your anxiety will be reduced
  • Is the worst possible situation bearable: Its amazing how sometimes we get anxious and worried about very small events like arriving home 10 minutes late. It's pretty useful to ask yourself the question "Is the worst situation bearable? What will happen if I arrived late? will it be the end of the world?". Thinking that way will make you feel much less anxious especially in events where the threat is really small.
  • Anxiety and relaxation techniques: Relaxation techniques can help you be in control of your emotions. Relaxation is the opposite state of anxiety and stress. if you managed to learn how to relax you will certainly reduce your anxiety. There are many relaxation techniques around that you can easily learn. Check the link for more information
  • Reframing & Anxiety:Using an NLP technique like reframing can help you reduce your anxiety. After all if you can change your perception of a certain situation using that technique then you will certainly feel less anxious
  • Anxiety and fear: Didn't you notice that sometimes Fear causes anxiety? In such a case learning how to deal with fear can be the best cure for anxiety

Rewire your brain

Studies found that the brain structure changes completely when people stick to a certain bad habit. In other words, the more you worry or feel anxious the easier you will find it to worry next time.

Fight anxiety and worrying with all the power you have else you will find yourself worrying and thinking negatively whenever the tiniest problem happens.

The good news it that the less you worry the more will your brain become hard wired for positive thoughts and the easier you will find it not to worry.

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