neuro linguistic programming(NLP) Presuppositions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

what is neuro linguistic programming(NLP)

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is a science that helps in understanding how the human mind operates in order to best use it to either:

1) Increase performance and achieve goals or
2) As a method of therapy to overcome fears, phobias ,anxiety and many other personality disorders.

The word "neuro" refers to the neural pathways , the word linguistic refers to using the language to program your mind and that's why it was called Neuro-linguistic programming.

Think of your mind as a computer

In order to understand NLP Consider your mind to be a computer and your behavior to be programs launched unconsciously by your subconscious mind.

NLP has many uses and can be used to improve almost all of your life fields. Before getting in depth into NLP you must first be familiar with the NLP Presuppositions:

neuro linguistic programming(NLP) Presuppositions

  • The meaning of the communication is the response it elicits: This means that effective communication is your responsibility. If you didn't get the right response then you used the wrong method
  • There are no failures in communication, only feedback: This means that failure is only an event that provides feedback and nothing more. see this article for more information)
  • The map is not the territory: This means that each person has a different reality in his mind that doesn't match the real reality. For example you may think that people hate you while they don't. Each person has got his own belief system)
  • People always make the best choices available to them, given their unique model of the world and of the situation: This means that you shouldn't blame yourself or feel guilty. You couldn't have done better given the resources you have)
  • People have all the resources necessary to make any desired change: You need nothing else to succeed so don't blame external conditions)
  • The resistance you get is a comment about your inflexibility as communicator: if what you are doing is not working then do something different.
  • In interactions among people, the person with most flexibility and variation of behavior can control the outcome of the interaction.
  • The positive worth of an individual is held constant, while the value and appropriateness of internal and/or external behavior is questioned.

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