neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques and concepts

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques and concepts

NLP contains many concepts and techniques that can be used to improve almost all of your different life fields.

The best way to learn NLP is to know about each concept alone then know about their relationship together. Finally you can apply the NLP technique that is suitable to you in order to improve one or more of your life areas.

The following are some of the NLP concepts, click on any of the links below to be directed to a page that has detailed information on the selected concept:

What is NLP All about?

NLP is a science that was developed by people who studied the way the human mind works and as a result they came up with many helps to help people use their minds in a better way.

For example, when those people noticed that experiences are recorded in people's minds with certain attributes (like colors, sounds...etc) they went on and tested how a change in these attributes can affect the emotions people recall when they recall the experience.

As a result they came up with a method to reduce the emotional intensity associated with bad experiences by just changing these attributes through an NLP.

Many NLP concepts are not new but they are just a successful re-branding attempt of old psychological principles that were already present.

How can NLP help you?

NLP can help you in various ways. For example you can use NLP to understand yourself more and to change the way you respond to many of the negative situations you encounter.

Nlp can also help you improve your self confidence, become a good public speaker and do well in job interviews.

If you are serious about making big changes to your life then start learning NLP Today. The links at the top of this article will help you do so.

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