Nlp, The milton model

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Milton model

While the Nlp Meta model involves being specific when talking the Milton model is the opposite. The Milton model involves talking about topics without getting into any details in a such a way that forces the person's mind to enter a state called trance. The state of trance is the state where people can be programmed directly by suggestions due to the absence of their conscious filters.

While hypnosis is based on allowing people relax in order to have their conscious filters silenced the Milton model allows you to induce the state of trance by just talking to people in a certain way.

Milton model examples

The Milton language involves lots of patterns and expressions. Though i can't mention all of them in one article still i am going to give you some examples that can help you figure out how it works.

The Hilton language depends on one concept, being vague so that you confuse the conscious mind of the receiver in order to get directly to his subconscious mind.

The following are some examples of the Milton Model :

Using unspecified verbs:
“People can learn”
“It’s easier to do it”
Which people? What can they learn? What is easier? As you can see all of this ambiguity can induce trance because the conscious mind becomes so busy trying to figure them out.

Conjunctions :
“You are reading this article right now, sitting on the chair, understanding every word and you are going to buy my book.”

This one involves sending many suggestions that are real then sending the one you want to program the person with. Usually when someone’s conscious filters allow many consecutive suggestions to pass the last one can escape unnoticed.

Conversational Postulates :
“Can you open the door?”
“Can you pay me tonight?”
Using can you instead of directly asking the question has a very good effect on the subconscious mind as it’s a more vague way of asking the same question.

Using or:
“Would you like to sleep at 9 pm or 9:30?”
Instead of telling your kid that he must sleep at 9:30 you give him two options that both lead to the same outcome.

Negative Commands:
“I am not going to tell you to buy my book now”
Your subconscious mind filters out negative statements, so I am actually telling you to buy my book now :)

using “the more”:
“The more you resist the idea of buying my book the more you will find yourself wanting to buy it” .This one helps in breaking the conscious resistance of the other person.

Using “As”:
“As you listen to me you are becoming more eager to buy my book”

Using Milton language

I could write a whole book covering all Milton expressions , however, the most important thing you must understand is that finding the right combination of vague words can keep the person's conscious mind busy. If you managed to do so then make sure that the person is now ready to receive your suggestions directly into his subconscious mind.

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