Programming your mind for success

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Programming your mind

When people join a certain university they are required to attend daily lectures for years until they acquire a certain thinking pattern. Engineers learn how to solve problems, economists learn how to deal with money and doctors learn how to diagnose and cure ill people.

You are never required to remember all the books that you have studied because the aim of university education is nothing more than letting you acquire a certain mindset or a certain way of thinking.

The continues emphasis on this certain way of thinking and the repetitive patterns that you learn while attending these lectures programs your mind in such a way that this new way of thinking becomes hard coded in your mind.

Programming your mind for success

Doing a Master of Science would typically take you two to three years in most countries. Two years of programming can strongly affect your way of thinking even if this programming happened only 2 times per week.

Have you ever thought about the impact of watching television everyday for 10 years on your belief system? In fact the programming you get from TV is much more powerful than the one you got subjected to at the university because of the following reasons:

1)You watch television everyday while you don’t attend lectures everyday

2)You can keep watching the same things that you like for 10 years or more!! (some people are addicted to horror movies others are addicted to violence...etc)

3)While watching television your mind is almost in the state of hypnosis because of the excitement you are experiencing (this allows the beliefs to bypass your conscious filters much easier)

So, what if drama was your favorite?
What if horror movies were your favorite ones?

The result of watching something for years is being programmed by it. Don’t wonder why you have a certain belief system or why do you sometimes become a negative thinker,its because you may have been programming yourself to think that way since years.

This doesn’t stop at the movies but it also extends to include games. What titles do you always buy for your game console? Be it play station or Xbox, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that this game will have the same impact on your mind as the media.

Have you ever noticed that playing silent hill for extended periods of time results in a depressive mode? So what if you kept playing it for months?

Watch out for the Junk

Know that the media can program your mind much powerfully than any other source so don’t allow junk to enter into your subconscious mind.

Simply filter it. Before you watch a movie , switch on the television or buy a game ask yourself one question, what is the impact that this action might have on my subconscious mind and my belief system?

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