How To Get Over Depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get over depression

In this article I will discuss the methods that can be used for getting over depression naturally without the use of medication.

Depression medications are sometimes considered one of the effective methods Available for treating depression, however, in lots of cases other methods of treatment can help the person get over depression without the use of medication.

Depression has an end

When people spend a long time feeling down they tend to forget how happiness feels like. It’s a part of the human nature, when we experience a certain bad emotion for a prolonged period of time we forget about all other good emotions and we tend to think that this emotion will last forever.

This is one of the biggest challenges for depressed people which is convincing themselves to believe that this depression can end one day!! If you are currently depressed just remind yourself of all of the bad emotions that you experienced before then ask yourself one question, did they come to an end?

Your previous feelings of anger, can you remember them? No, because they went away after a certain period of time but at the time you were angry you never thought this way, you just thought that rage will last forever. Depression too is like all other emotions, it can come to and end if you committed to the right action plan.

Why do you think people think of suicide while being depressed? Because they think that depression will never end. If they were told that within one month depression will disappear they will never think of committing suicide again but instead they will keep checking the calendar every now and then waiting for this day to come.

Is your life style the cause of your depression?

Do you know that prolonged stress can result in depression?

Do you know that suppressing your emotions can result in depression? Do you know that not being assertive can force you to suppress your emotions and so become depressed?

Do you know that lack of life purpose can make you become depressed? Do you know that accumulated guilt can make you depressed?

Some people become depressed just because their life styles invoke depression. Don't most people choose to experience stress in their lives by not learning how to manage this stress? Aren’t we the ones who don't learn how to manage our suppressed emotions?

In such a case depression is no more than a message sent to you by your mind asking you to change this horrible life style you are living. Getting over depression in this case is just a matter of responding to this message.

Watch for your Belief system changes

Our belief system includes all the beliefs that we hold about life. When we become depressed all our thoughts tend to be negative and this might lead to the formation of new negative beliefs about life or to serious modification of the already existing positive beliefs.

Don’t some people lose faith in God when they become depressed? Why do you think this happens? They just form a new negative belief like "God left me".

If you are currently depressed you must resist the urge to form new negative beliefs and you must even take an additional step to fight the negative thoughts that lead to these negative beliefs.

Getting over depression that results from Breakups

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Getting over depression using CBT

One of the most effective methods of getting over depression is CBT (cognitive behavior therapy).

CBT’s is based on a simple concept. If negative thoughts and some behavior patters reinforce depression then challenging these negative thoughts and reversing these behavioral patters could help the person get over depression.

Whenever I write an article about positive or negative thinking I just use CBT concepts in it but I usually don’t mention that I am using CBT as the basis for the article in order to comply with the website’s policy of avoiding the use of complicated medical terms.

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