Channelling suppressed emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Suppressed emotions

Suppressed emotions are emotions that are not expressed into a behavior that helps the person ease them. The suppressed emotion could be very dangerous on your mental and physical health if not properly expressed.

For example suppressed anger may turn into depression, suppressed guilt, could damage self confidence and some suppressed emotions could even damage your internal organs.

Channeling Suppressed emotions

The following are few methods on that can help you channel suppressed emotions

  • Talk to someone else: Don’t carry the burden alone, pick up a close friend and tell him honestly how you feel. This wont only let you feel that your emotional pain was reduced but it will also prevent you from feeling lonely since you will be sharing your emotions with someone else
  • Learn about Assertiveness: if the suppressed emotion is anger then learn how to be assertive. assertiveness is the way of expressing your emotions and standing up for your rights without being aggressive
  • Channel your emotions correctly: this is one aspect of emotional intelligence,for example When your boss shouts at you then don’t shout at your kids when you return home that day. Face the situation and talk to him directly instead of shouting at someone who is innocent
  • Cry: crying is very healthy. it can make you feel better and can remove toxins out of your body
  • Go to the Gym: The gym is very good place to channel your anger emotions, you will perform much better if you trained while you were angry
  • Be honest: If someone did something that you don’t like then don’t talk behind his back but instead face the situation and don’t escape
  • Use journaling: Jouranling is a form of writing therapy that can help you dump your emotions onto papers. If you want more information on writing therapy then check this link

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