Writing Therapy & Journaling

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Writing Therapy

Writing therapy is one form of expressive therapy, which is a field of therapy that is based on the concept that expressing your emotions in certain ways can result in healing.

Why do you think you feel better when you tell your close friend about your problems? You feel better because you unloaded some of your suppressed emotions onto your friend.

Suppressed emotions can make your life terrible . Unfortunately, not all of our personal problems can be easily disclosed to our friends. It’s strongly recommended to tell your friends about your problems because this increases intimacy, reduces loneliness in addition to making you feel better.

If you prefer to be discreet about certain issues then you can use a from of writing therapy called journaling. Journaling can help you get rid of your suppressed emotions without talking to others.

How Writing Therapy Works

The more suppressed emotions you have the more intense your bad feelings will become and that’s why writing therapy helps, as it allows you to dump some of your stored emotions onto your journal.

Writing therapy will not only make you feel better but it will also reduce your stress levels, increase your immunity and make you healthier.

Expressive therapy does not stop at writing but it extends to include drawing, writing poems, listening to music and even playing. All of these actions should be done with the aim of expressing your innermost emotions .

Journaling Vs Writing Therapy

Writing therapy should be practiced in the presence of a therapist but fortunately, journaling which is a form of writing therapy can be done on your own and the only items needed are a paper and a pen or a computer.

Journaling is different from keeping a diary. keeping a diary is usually done for the purpose of recording events that happen in your life but journaling should be done for expressing your deep emotions..

The steps are easy, you just need to write your feelings. The more detailed your description is the better you will feel. You don’t have to follow any standards while writing, just dump your feelings freely.

Writing Therapy and Self Understanding

writing therapy or journaling leads to more self understanding. I noticed that while writing some of my feelings I came across facts that I wasn’t aware of before writing.

This happens because when we think freely hundreds of other distorting thoughts that usually distract us from our real problem pop into our minds.

When you write you will have more control over your thoughts. That's why i recommend using journaling when you have a self understanding problem.

Writing Therapy and Happiness

One good technique I use, even when I am not feeling down, is writing positive words.
The more positive and encouraging the words i write the better I feel.

The more intense the emotions you're dealing with the better you will feel after you are done writing. Whenever I come accidentally by one of those positive texts i wrote earlier i feel happier.

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