I need to talk to someone about my problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Talking to someone about your problems

Suppressing your emotions might cause you more pain than the bad feelings you already have. Some people choose to keep their problems private to themselves and the result is usually an increase in the intensity of the bad feelings.

Talking to someone about your problems might not only help you solve your problems but it will also help you vent the bad feelings you have and so you will experience a great relief. Suppressed emotions on the other hand can result in mood swings, bad dreams, waking up feeling depressed and prolonged sadness.

The benefits of talking to someone about your problems

Even if you know some of the benefits of talking to someone about your problems i am sure that there are many more positive points that you don't know yet, the following are some of them:

  • Eliminating loneliness: loneliness doesn't result from lack of friends but it results from having superficial relationships with the people you know instead of having deep intimate relationships with them. One of the main factors that can help you have intimate relationships is talking about your problems and telling others about your fears and worries
  • Reducing the bad emotions: Expressive therapy is a form of therapy that helps people feel better by expressing their emotions instead of suppressing them. Talking to someone is one of the forms of expressive therapy which is very effective and simple.
  • Objectifying the problems: Your problems will appear huge and will seem to have no solution until you talk about them. When you talk about the problems you have they will be objectified (turned into an object) and thus they will appear much smaller
  • Feeling relieved: Sharing your problems with someone else will make you feel better as a result of knowing that someone else shares the burden with you
  • Hope: Hope alone can kill depression. Talking to someone about your problems might provide some hope as this person you are talking to might help you find a solution for them

I need to talk to someone about my problems

Don't wait! Go now find a close friend or a relative whom you can talk to. But beware of choosing the wrong people, talking to someone who is depressed, feeling down or pessimistic might worsen your mood instead of improving it.

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