Causes of severe mood swings

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Causes of severe mood swings

What causes our moods to swing all of a sudden?
And why sometimes our mood changes without any apparent reason? And why do we sometimes feel bad few moments after feeling good?

Sarah was driving her car back home after a long day of work. she wasn’t feeling happy but she wasn’t feeling bad at all. Sarah’s mind was wandering randomly through the issues that were bothering her the most, but suddenly, Sarah came across a poster of healthy model who seemed to have an ideal weight.

Since Sarah was already busy thinking of other things she didn’t pay attention to the poster but her subconscious mind did. Sarah had an obesity problem. Lately she was trying to follow a diet but with no signs of success, the moment her subconscious mind noticed the poster it recalled all of the failed dieting attempts and her mood changed slightly.

Sarah’s mood change wasn’t noticeable enough and it didn’t make her feel bad. But as she kept driving she saw another poster which reminded her of the unfinished tasks she had to do that day and then she saw a movie poster which reminded her of her last breakup.

Then she saw a fourth poster and remembered a fourth problem, and a fifth, a sixth until she ended up feeling horrible even though she was feeling good few minutes ago.

Mood swings and unsolved problems

Its clear now that our mood swings as a result of seeing something that reminds us of some of our unsolved problems or our fears. You might think that you need to solve all of your problems in order to prevent mood swings but this is not the only solution, if Sarah was making a good progress in her diet even if she hadn’t lost weight yet then she wouldn’t have felt bad on seeing the first poster.

Our minds make us feel bad just to motivate us to take actions (see i can't take it anymore), if the action was being done on regular basis and if we were already solving our problems then our minds wont send us bad emotions. Thus you don’t have to solve all of your problems in order to prevent mood swings but you just need to prove to your mind that you are taking actions.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how a simple action such as convincing your mind that the relationship is over can make you feel good after a breakup. Your mind sends you the bad emotions just to motivate you to restore the relationship but when you tell it that there is no hope, it will stop sending you those bad signals.

Stress acts as a multiplier to bad emotions

The presence of stress can result in making the bad emotions intensify, if Sarah’s driving seat wasn’t comfortable and was hurting her back while driving then she would have become stressed as well (see the anatomy of stress) thus her bad emotions would have intensified.

All external unpleasant factors can cause stress thus give a push to the rate with which our moods swing. If you are sitting in an untidy place, if your chair is uncomfortable, if your car isn’t clean, if you want to go to the bathroom or if you are Hungry then most probably your bad feelings will be intensified and your mood might swing whenever you see anything that reminds you of one of your problems.

Final words

In order to prevent mood swings you must take two actions, start dealing with all of your existing problems instead of throwing them behind your back and remove all the external factors that cause stress. If you did those two actions mood swings will never bother you like before.

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