How to lose weight fast?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Losing weight fast

The question that is more important than “how to lose weight fast?” is “is it possible to lose weight fast?”.

Most people have a very short term perspective when it comes to losing weight. All what they focus on is to lose few pounds quickly before the summer approaches and then forget about their weight loss goals when the summer ends.

Yes it is possible to lose weight fast but there are some consequences:

  • You will feel really bad as you prevent yourself from your favorite food
  • You may not be able to sustain this diet and so gain back the weight that you have lost
  • You will hate dieting
  • You may lose hope

How to lose weight fast?

If you want to lose weight then you should set long term weight loss goals then work on achieving them over time. The advantage of such a method is that you will lose weight without dieting and without feeling that you are preventing yourself from the food you like to eat.

The other advantage of having a long term perspective when trying to lose weight is that you won’t regain your lost pounds again because you will be following a healthy life style all year round that is bearable and in the same time effective.

Fast Weight loss and mental Anchors

What is a mental anchor?

A mental anchor is the situation where two events happen together many times so that your mind starts associating them together in such a way that the occurrence of one of them reminds you of the other.

People who undergo severe diets form mental anchors by connecting dieting with unpleasant emotions and that's why they always fail to lose weight. Whenever they hear the word diet they shiver because they remember all the pain associated with it.

That’s why I am against losing weight through a diet program and that's why i prefer having a long term perspective while using natural methods for weight loss instead of focusing on controlling your food intake.

So to summarize all of these facts and theories together into a practical plan here is exactly what you should do.

  • Find tolerable life style changes: Can you walk for 10 minutes each day? The important thing is to find something that you can tolerate
  • Is that change sustainable?: Can you keep walking for 10 minutes each day for the rest of your life? if not then find a sustainable change
  • Change your perspective: Now you are applying the slow but sure method for weight loss. Forget about weighting yourself each few days because this method works better on the long term but results in permanent changes

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