Binge eating disorder

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Binge eating disorder

Ever felt that your eating habits are out of control?
Do you feel guilty after eating big meals?
Are you unable to stop eating although you aren’t satisfied with your body image?

Binge eating disorder is a disorder that results in eating large amounts of food without having control on our eating habits.

People with binge eating disorder usually eat large amounts of food, continue eating even after they become full, eat even if they are not feeling hungry and become embarrassed to eat in front of others because of the amount of food they consume.

In this article i will tell you what to do to get over the binge eating disorder before it ruins your life.

Dealing with Binge eating disorder

You might be thinking that losing weight is the right thing you need to do but that's not true.

Even if you followed a diet and even if you lost weight the binge eating habit will bring you back the pounds you lost in no time. The first thing you should do is to understand this bad habit and get rid of it instead of trying to remove the extra weight simply because this extra weight will disappear on its own when your eating habits change.

You must also ask yourself one important question, do I eat in order to improve my mood?

A friend of mine once told me that whenever he faces a problem or feels stressed he rushes to the refrigerator!! I am not saying that the cause of binge eating is always the desire to escape but from my experience as a psychologist i discovered that in most cases addictions are developed in order to help people cope with something else that is not related to the addictive substance at all.

That's why Before each meal you must ask yourself these questions:

1)Am I eating in order to forget about my other personal problems?
2)Will this double cheese burger help me fix those problems?
3)Am I escaping? And if yes, will this escapement method help?

Researchers have found that half of the people suffering from binge eating disorder have a history of depression. Could binge eating be an escapement mechanism your mind follows whenever a creepy mood approaches you?

Food can raise your serotonin levels and can provide you with other hormones that can make you feel happy, that’s why some people feel happy after eating certain types of food.

The problem those people face is that escapement only delays the problems and leave them unsolved then later on when the person realizes that his problems got bigger he starts to escape once again thus enters into a closed loop!!

Final words about binge eating

I am sure now you can know if you are eating to live or eating to escape. Put in mind that people who try to escape usually end up with accumulated problems which makes their mood even worse.

Remember that the key to breaking any bad habit is getting rid of the underlying cause instead of trying to suppress the habit.

If you are binge eating because you want to escape then even if you prevented yourself from food you will find another way escape. For example some binge eaters go on extreme diets then wonder why they became alcoholics or drug addicts.

Since binge eating was the escapement method their mind uses the mind had to come up with a different escapement route which was drugs in this case.

Cut the root, kill the habit. That's it.

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