I Dont Like the Way i Look

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Poor Body Image

I don’t think that I am a handsome guy. Sometimes I even think that my looks are much below the average. Each time I approach a girl I feel that she wants to escape, most probably its because of my intolerable looks.

Maybe if I was prettier they would have enjoyed talking to me. But on the other hand, I am really confused, because Sometimes, when I look in the mirror I don’t see an ugly person.

Sometimes I even think I am cute but this rarely happens. I know that this is some kind of hallucination. I know that I am ugly and that the times I think that I am acceptable are just illusions.

Are you Satisfied with Your Looks?

What I discovered after dealing with hundreds of people is that most of them sell themselves short. There are people out there who think that they are ugly and who are 100% percent convinced that it’s a fact although their looks may be above average and sometimes they are even cute!!

Don’t wonder you may be suffering from the same problem too. If the first paragraph in this article described how you feel about your looks then most probably you are devaluing yourself!! Poor self image or Poor body image describes the case where someone has a mental image of himself that is much worse than his real looks.

Some people have got a distorted self image that exaggerates one of the face features that they don’t like about themselves. For example, i knew a guy who thought that his nose is much bigger than its really is and I knew a guy who imagined that he is very fat even though he wasn't.

Whether the cause was criticism and rejection or whether it was false beliefs the result is that those people have got distorted images of themselves. These distorted images results in making them uncomfortable around others, in making them over sensitive to comments about their looks and in ruining their self confidence.

What if I Am really Ugly?

Even if you are not that handsome, still there is a very big possibility that you are better than what you think. These so called hallucinations that make you sometimes think that you are acceptable are the proof.

The Media with its Heroes and super models along with our culture have resulted in mindsets that put much emphasis on looks and that’s why your self confidence goes side by side with your beliefs about your looks.

If you think that you must look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in order to be worthy then definitely a poor self image will lead to a zero self confidence.

The Distorted Self Image

This distorted self image won’t only affect your relations with others but it will even extend to affect each aspect of your life including your career, sports...etc.

If you have a distorted self image you will devalue your abilities and your skills and you will end up under performing or doing less than what you can really do.

The distorted self image is always loaded in the back of your mind and each action that you make is governed by the way you think of your looks. That’s why fixing this distorted image will help you improve all aspects of your life especially your social relations (see Self image problems)

Fixing the Poor Self Image

Try to recall your real looks and if it was not appealing then wear your best clothes then go to the mirror and take a look. If you didn’t like what you saw then try to make all the modifications that you can until you capture a screen shot of a satisfying picture.

As soon as you do so move away and don’t look in the mirror anymore. Try recalling that image many times then go to the place you were intending to go to (school, college, party…etc). Each half an hour try to recall the old picture. You will discover that you became more confident after recalling the undistorted image.

You may not succeed in doing it at the first attempt but after some time you will develop the skill of detecting the false images that you put in your mind and you will be able to replace them with the real ones.

I don’t want you to do this only when you are about to hang out with your friends but I want you to keep doing it even if you are staying at home because as I said the distorted self image is always there.

If you succeeded in changing it your whole life will change. And believe me even if you are sure that you are not handsome the image in your mind will still be much different than your real looks.

Reinforcing the Poor Self Image

People with distorted self images gather false clues each day that supports their false beliefs about their looks. For example, If guy who has a poor self image met a girl he barley knows and then she ignored him he will jump to a conclusion like "she ignored me because i am ugly"!! But just a moment,

Are his looks the only parameter in here?
Couldn’t she be tired today?
Couldn’t she be pissed off today?
why Is he sure that she saw him?
What if she didn’t see him?
What if she had a fight with her parents and she doesn’t want to talk to anybody?
Couldn’t she be in a hurry?

There are hundreds of possible explanations to what happened. Why did he filter them all and only chose the one that proves that he is ugly? It happens Because he has got a distorted self image and so he relates everything that happens to him to this incorrect image.

If you thought that your looks are acceptable even once in your lifetime then know that this is the truth and that all of these other images are just mere illusions!! Even if you don’t look like a movie hero or a super model there is always a space for improving your beliefs about your looks.

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Did that Help?

No, I wish i was really Handsome

what else can i do to improve my self image?

No No, i am really ugly!!

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