Improving your Self Image

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The self image problem

I said before that a self image problem is a disorder that makes the person think that he is ugly and unattractive while he is not.

This problem can be devastating because the person lives his life believing that others don't like his looks while the opposite can be true.

Because this problem lies inside the mind of the person the best way to deal with it is to help him change his thinking patterns and beliefs.

Improving your self image

In order to deal with the self image problem you need to do the following:

  • Use mirrors: If you have lots of mirrors at home and if you see yourself often while walking there then make sure you are always well dressed and that your hair is tidy so that when you see yourself accidentally a proper image is inserted into your mind and not a bad one. A research has shown that people felt good about their looks when they were allowed to spend more time in front of mirrors
  • Recall your looks: As soon as you decide to leave home take a look at your self in the mirror and save this image in your mind. Whenever you meet anyone try to load the picture you saved earlier and then know that the person is seeing this image and not any other one. If you found that you are loading a different image into your mind then know that your problem is related to poor mental image and not related to your real looks (the problem lies only in your mind).
  • Cheating works: Another great thing about poor self image is that cheating works!! yes you can cheat to improve yourself image. You can imagine that your hair is more tidy than it is in reality and your subconscious mind will believe you. But just don't over do this so that your subconscious mind doesn't lose trust in you. know that cheating to improve your self image is nothing more than using affirmations but in this case the affirmations are in the form of visual images rather then phrases or words.
  • Avoid mirror contact when you are not ready: when you are sure that you are currently not in the form due to any external factor like being ill, being so busy to comb your hair or to shave then avoid mirror contact at all not to insert additional bad images about your looks into your subconscious mind
  • Wear the best clothes: Wear the best clothes you can find. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that your mind considers clothes an extension to your body!! You can feel that you are looking much better by just wearing good clothes.
  • Use NLP It's worth to mention that using a technique likeNLP's submodalities can help you change your view of an object or of yourself by changing the attributes that your mind used when it first stored this object. By changing the attributes of the picture that you have in your mind about your looks you can improve your self image
  • Change what can be changed: Id be lying to you if i told you that you can fall in love with your overweight body. If there is something about your looks that can be changed,such as your weight, then go ahead and change it. It will take sometime but in the end your self esteem will be greatly improved
  • Stop comparing yourself to celebrities: One of the main reasons many people feel bad about their looks is that they keep comparing themselves to celebrities. Instead of doing that bad habit try to compare your friends to celebrities and see if there is any match. Most probably you will discover that the majority of the people you know are ordinary people just like you
  • Learn how to be photogenic: sometimes people feel bad about their looks when they see themselves looking bad in pictures. By learning about the best positions that allow you to look good in pictures you will close one door that would have lowered your self esteem if left open

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