Nlp, Submodalities

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

An introduction to NLP's submodalities

If you asked a group of people to imagine a picture of a dog in their minds, What kind of image are they going to see? will it be colored or black and white? will the mental image be close or far? will the dog be still or will it be moving ? will the dog be looking friendly or will it be wild?

If you did that you will find that no two people will give the same answers. Simply because each on of us stores the attributes of an object differently depending on what the object represents for him. For example if someone fears dogs then he will rarely imagine a clam sleeping dog but instead he might imagine a dog that is ready to attack.

How to change the mental image of something in your mind

When someone dislikes his own looks then most probably the image he has in his mind for himself will look ugly even if he was really attractive.

It was found that by changing these attributes you can actually change your beliefs about an object. Here is how you can do it:

  • try to remember last time someone insulted you or told a bad word that hurt you.
  • Now imagine the situation in your mind while noticing the attributes associated with your situation, note the colors of the mental images,the distance, the size, and the sounds
  • now change the sound of the speaking person to be like Mickey mouse or Donald duck and play the video of the situation in your mind
  • in addition to the previous change make the size of that person very small and repeat the video
  • finally you can add some kind of background music like the famous circus music or jingle bells and then play the video
  • noticed the difference ?? you will notice that your bad feelings that were associated with the situation were almost neutralized because of the attributes you have changed. this is how sub modalities work

fixing your own self image using submodalities

Now after you knew about this method you can fix the poor self image you have about yourself, change your beliefs about something like dogs and even make bad situations that happened to you become less painful.

Submodalities and phobias

Submodalities can also be used to cure phobias. People who invented NLP claim that the main reason you fear certain objects or creatures is the way those things are represented in your mind.

Thus if you managed to change the way those objects are stored in your mind your emotional response towards them will change.

If for example you fear cats then it would help a lot to think of Garfield whenever a cat comes to your mind.

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did that help?

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