Feeling Inferior and inferiority complex

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is Inferiority?

He was a successful and intelligent person who has got lots of loving friends but something inside him keeps telling him that he is not as worthy as others.

Whenever he meets new people the inner voice whispers in his ears: “Hey, you know you are different, you know you lack something; even if you appear successful, you are still not like them”.

He thinks that every single laugh around him is considered a scorn and every whispering couple are talking about him. He doesn’t feel worthy or in other words he’s feeling inferior.

Inferiority vs inferiority complex

The man was suffering from feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. When such feelings take over the person's life and prevent him from functioning normally then it can be called an inferiority complex.

That man suffered from inferiority complex because during his childhood he was physically weaker than the other kids at his age.

Usually any kid who suffers from a certain physical defect will not develop inferiority complex unless someone makes him believe that he is different.

This is exactly what happened with that kid, his friends used to beat him, bully him and make fun of him and this made him feel different.

Years later he became a very social person, academically successful and a great basketball player Yet the feelings of inferiority still lived inside him.

Inferiority and the subconscious mind

This man’s subconscious mind still carries the feelings of weakness he experienced earlier and that's why he feels worthless around people.

The man labeled himself with labels such as weak, inadequate, stupid and clumsy.

These labels accompanied him everywhere and despite the fact they were buried deep into his subconscious they were always in control of his behavior and feelings.

Because the man was successful in his life and didn't have any reason to feel inferior he's tried to convince himself that he's fine but this method never worked. This man didn't get the fact that his subconscious mind needs much more proofs than this one in order to help him stop feeling inferior.

Inferiority, compensation and love

Sometimes the main reason people fall in love with others is their own feelings of inferiority!! in my book How to get over anyone in few days i pointed out how one of the reasons that could make someone fall in love with someone else is his need to compensate for his own weaknesses.

People who fall in love because of their feelings of inferiority have a hard time getting over the person they loved because when losing him they lose an important source for compensation. In such a case the right solution is to deal with the inferiority itself and not the breakup simply because you don't need the person but you just need to compensate for your own weaknesses.

Do you Feel Inferior?

Every normal human being feels inferior to others at some points during his life but when that feeling takes charge of his behavior, emotions and prevents him from going on with his normal life then its a sign of the presence of an inferiority complex .

If you are feeling inferior all the time then its time to recall your past and try to understand where have you acquired such a feeling in your life.

Those feelings of inferiority you're suffering from can be nothing more than a false belief you formed about yourself as a result of bad childhood experiences.

Getting over inferiority is not that hard. You just need to dig into your past and examine the environment that you were raised up in.

The links below will guide you to the detailed steps of getting over inferiority. Be patient read them all and am sure you will be able to help yourself using them.

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