Preventing Inferiority Complex in Children

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Living with an Inferiority Complex

Living with inferiority complex is something that can ruin anyone’s life. Inferiority complex makes the person feel that he is less important than others or that he is not up to their standard and this can certainly prevent him from reaching his true potential and living a happy life.

However the good news is that no one is born inferior. Its just something that we learn through our life experiences as children and here comes the role of the parent, as a parent you should take care while raising your child not to let him grow to become an inferior adult.

Don't get me wrong, all kids feel inferior as a result of finding themselves surrounded by stronger and more capable adults but this inferiority is not bad at all as it motivates the child to be better. What's really dangerous is when the child thinks that he is less worthy than others and so becomes discouraged then fails to improve himself.

How to Prevent Inferiority Complex in Children

The following are tips that if applied correctly can help in preventing your child from growing up as an inferior adult:

  • Don’t ignore your child's Needs: I really feel bad when I see how some parents treat their children. They just leave them crying or ignore some of their needs thinking that they are unimportant. However the mistake those parents make is that they didn’t know that these things are important to the child!! Your child considers himself a grownup. If he wanted that toy then he wanted it because he felt that its important to him. So even if you were planning not to buy it just convince him instead of leaving him crying. Ignoring your child will only result in making him feel unimportant and as a result he might start feeling inferior to others.
  • Don’t favor one child over the other: some parents take extra care of one of the children while taking less care of the other. This makes the child who gets less attention think that he is not worth the attention and so he develops an inferiority complex
  • Only criticize him when its extremely important: You should do your best to avoid criticizing your child. After all if your child hears 20 critical comments everyday then he will be hearing 49840 critical comments a year!! How come can your child feel worthy after all of these critical comments damaged his view of himself?
  • Love Your Child: I know that you love him but he should know it!! it will be totally useless if you loved your child without letting him know that you do.
  • Build his self confidence:Your child cant both grow feeling confident and inferior. He can only develop one of those traits, by raising a confident child you will be preventing him from feeling inferior as an adult

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