raising emotionally healthy child

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why aren’t our children emotionally healthy?

Children are born with no information about anything around them nor even about themselves. The beliefs you program the child with rest into his mind and defines for him his own reality when he grows up.

The following section contains examples that show some incorrect practices that some parents do when dealing with their children. Such incorrect practices result in raising children who suffer from many personal disorders such as fear, insecurity, inferiority and lack of self confidence.

Raising emotionally healthy child

If you want to raise an emotionally healthy child then make sure you avoid the following poor practices:

  • Spoiling the child: parents who never let their children do anything on their own and who do everything for them ruin their self confidence. This behaviour may result in a dependent child who can’t live alone or even help himself when he faces a problem
  • Over protection: parents who worry excessively about their children raise children who lack courage. If the child felt that the world is a dangerous place then he will develop feelings of insecurity. The child will start to think of everything as a possible threat and as a result the child might fear everything
  • No role model: parents who always become anxious when dealing with certain situations usually raise children who are always anxious and worried. The child just watches how his parents react to the new situation and mimics them the next time he faces a similar one
  • Lying to the child: parents who lie to their children often raise children who distrust everyone
  • Ignoring their opinion: parents who don’t take the opinion of their children and who force them to do anything that they dont want usually raise children who have low self confidence .
  • Calling them names: parents who always call their children names like stupid or dumb may raise children who suffer from feelings of inferiority
  • Financial insecurity: parents who always tell the child that he must spend less because they have no enough money usually raise financially insecure children who may do anything to earn money.
  • Comparing kids to each other: Many parents do the mistake of comparing kids to each other and as a result increase siblings rivilary and lower the children's self esteem. Each kid is different than the other so don't try to compare apples and oranges.
  • Too much expectations: Studies found that when parents expect too much from a child and communicate this to him the child becomes afraid to fall short of the expectations and as a result he might develop procrastination or any other disorder that allows him to escape the test

Bonus tip

Treat your child as if he is a grown up. See through his eyes and don't make him think that he is less worthy than others by any means. Talk to him as if he is an adult but use simple language that he can understand.

It was found that children who getsraised this way have much higher self esteem than all other children.

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