Anxiety disorder (symptoms, causes and treatment )

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Anxiety disorder(symptoms, causes and treatment )

Anxiety is a mixture two feelings, the first is being worried about an upcoming event while the second is feeling helpless.

Anxiety,like any other emotion, is a signal from your mind asking you to take and action.

The reason you felt anxious before a presentation is that your mind wanted you to be better prepared to face it.

Some people become worried about the future because they feel that they are not in control of their lives. This feelings of helplessness is an essential ingredient that must be present in order for anxiety to visit the person.

Anxiety causes

The feelings of anxiety is sometimes associated with lack of self confidence where the person feels that he is hopeless or that he is lacking control of his life.

Building self confidence is one great thing you can do in order to feel more in control and so reduce anxiety. You must also understand that anxiety might be caused by your perception of the event rather than the event itself. If for example you incorrectly interpreted a certain event, which is something that happens often to all people, then you will feel anxious even if there was no need for it.

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained that building confidence in your abilities can help you reduce the anxiety you experience about the future events. After all if you managed to become sure about an upcoming event then anxiety won't visit you at all.

Anxiety symptoms and types of anxiety disorders

Symptoms of anxiety include: increased heart rate, irritability, muscle tension, lack of concentration, being restless and sweating.

An anxiety problem does not mean that you are weak or that you have a problem with your personality because its just a normal emotion that your brain uses in order to help you live a better life even if it was used at the wrong times.

The problem happens when anxiety turns into a disorder. Anxiety becomes a disorder when you start to feel anxious in situations where the emotion is not needed at all and where it impacts your performance.

When anxiety starts to take place where there is no real danger then its said to be a disorder. Here are examples of the most famous anxiety disorders:

  • Panic attack disorder: experiencing sudden strong anxiety attacks that are accompanied by intense fear
  • Agoraphobia: ( contrary to common belief its not fear or public places but its fear of having a panic attack and not being able to deal with it. That's why the person who suffers from Agoraphobia usually avoids places where he thinks that escapement is hard (like crowded places )
  • Social phobia: having feelings of self consciousness
  • Generalized anxiety disorder: A General anxiety disorder that results tension and excessive worrying throughout most life events

Anxiety treatment and breathing rate

When a person becomes anxious he stops breathing properly and this further increases his anxiety. In order to stop this self reinforcing cycle you can learn how to relax and to control your breathing rate.

The more you practice relaxation techniques the more in control of your emotions you will be the next time you feel anxious.

Anxiety can be caused by negative thinking

One of the main causes for anxiety is negative thinking. Negative thinking is the habit of using negative words and phrases while thinking such as "i will never arrive on time" or "my boss will shout at me today, am sure of it".

Changing your negative thinking habits into a positive ones can be a very effective in helping you get over anxiety.

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