Effective presentation skills (tips for presentations)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Effective presentation skills (tips for presentations)

do you feel terrified before making a presentation?
do you think that you lack presentation skills?
Do you think that you lack the skills that could attract the attention of the audience?
Does your heart beat really fast just before speaking in a presentation?

If your answers were yes then just do the following steps during your next presentation and your presentation will be a perfect one even if you were still feeling afraid or anxious while doing it.

  • Breath properly during the presentation: When you become afraid or stressed you won't breath properly. This shortness of breach intensifies the emotions you are feeling and makes them stronger than they really are. just make sure you breath deeply especially just before and during speaking and you will find that your anxiety was reduced to half! know that deep breathing is one of many relaxation techniques that you can use to reduce anxiety and fears. If you want to make great presentations then make sure you know about the other relaxation techniques.
  • Proper body language during a presentation: According to body language standing upright, not crossing your arms or legs and standing on both of your legs instead of just one gives the impression that you are confident.

    After all the people watching your presentation aren't going to realize that you are afraid or anxious except if your body language made it clear( gestures and voice tone). In short so as long as you hide your feelings well no one will know about about them!! Confident body language won't only make you more in control but it will also make you appear more confident to the audience. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i described how using body language of confidence can make people admire you and even fall in love with you

  • Use Proper eye contact in a presentation: eye contact should be distributed equally among the audience. If one of the audience is more important than the others (The one who will evaluate you for example) then make sure to give him more eye contact while not ignoring others
  • Eye contact and large groups: If there are many people watching you and you cant make eye contact with each one of them then just divide the place they are sitting at into logical squares and make sure that each square gets some eye contact. When you do so each individual will think that you are looking at him.
  • Shyness and presentations: If you are too shy to look into someone's eye then don't worry. Looking at the area called the positive area of eye contact will make the person think that you are looking at his eye even if you were looking at his nose. The positive area of eye contact is an inverted triangle with its base passing through the two eyes and its top at the nose tip. Look anywhere in that triangle and you will give the impression that you are looking at the eye .
  • How to reduce stress during a presentation: During a presentation you will be dealing with different kinds of stress like being concerned about your looks, being afraid to forget the presentation...etc. This might prevent you from performing well. One of the most stressful factors you can experience during a presentation is being afraid to forget the points you want to mention. You can eliminate this kind of stress by studying the presentation by hard word by word
  • Smiling: smiling or laughing during the presentation can reduce the stress to half. If there is any chance of saying something funny then go for it, it will help you much .
  • Fear of public speaking and presentations: If your problem is fear of public speaking in general then make sure that you take a look at the ultimate guide for dealing with fear of public speaking

Passion vs presentation skills

Do you know why some people have more energy during a presentation? Its because they have passion for the topic they are presenting. The kind of energy that holds your audience and forces them to concentrate comes from the energy of the speaker.

This energy comes from the passion the speaker has. Ever saw a presenter who seemed not to be enthusiastic about the topic he is presenting? Most probably his low energy will be transferred to his audience and as a a result they will get bored.

This is another reason why you should follow your passion and do something that you really like.

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