What causes fear of public speaking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of public speaking tips

Do you fear public speaking?
Do you feel terrified right before presentations?
Do you wish that the presentation gets canceled so that you don’t have to speak in front of others?

If your answers were yes then don’t worry, because after going through this section you will know how to conquer your fear of public speaking. First of all you should know that most people have got the fear of public speaking. Many people even rated it the number one fear (even before fear of death).

Although this is bit ridicules yet public speaking surely resides in the top five situations most people try to avoid in their lives.

what causes fear of public speaking?

In order to know how to get over the fear of public speaking you should first know what causes it. Usually you will fear public speaking because one of the following reasons:

  • 1) Fear of embarrassment you are afraid of being embarrassed, of forgetting what are you going to say or of mispronouncing some words.
  • 2) Fear of humiliation: The second reason is just a conclusion that is based on the first one. You are afraid that people will laugh at you, whisper to each other while you are talking or get bored of you
  • 3) Fear of being seen while feeling afraid: you are afraid that people may notice that you were afraid and shaky while talking
  • 4) Fear of being judged: you are afraid that people will think that you are not a good public speaker, not a confident person or even not a worthy person in case you didn’t perform well
  • 5) Fear of appearing to be not confident: you are afraid that people think that you are less confident than you used to appear

The psychological causes behind the fear of public speaking

The previous causes were logical ones that could motivate someone to avoid speaking in public but there are usually stronger psychological reasons behind the fear of public speaking.

Poor self image, not liking your own looks, having low self confidence, shyness or thinking that you are not good enough are all among the reasons that could let you fear public speaking.

Each person could develop fear of public speaking for a different reasons but in many cases one of those factors will be involved. A person who has self image issues for example might be too concerned about his looks while delivering the presentation.

In such a case the fact that the person became unconsciously obsessed with something else other than the task at hand will prevent him from speaking properly. As the person finds himself performing badly the fear of public speaking will increase.

Now this person will store that bad memory in his brain and whenever he is about to do public speaking he will recall the memory of the previous failure and get afraid. In fact the person doesn't have to go through such an experience to dread public speaking.

I said earlier that fears can be learned by watching others. If a person saw others becoming anxious and afraid while delivering presentations then he might develop fear of public speaking even if he has never done it before.

Tips for getting over the fear of public speaking

Off course those are not all the reasons that can cause fear of public speaking but there are many other psychological reasons that could prevent a person from confidently facing a crowd.

Shyness, inferiority and low self esteem are among the other causes for the fear of public speaking. The first tip you must understand when trying to get over the fear of public speaking is to know that unless you deal with the underlying cause your fear of public speaking won't disappear.

The other tip you must put in mind is that logic doesn't work in treating fears. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how using logic to combat the fear of public speaking can never work. Because your subconscious is responsible for launching this fear mechanism you must never try to control it with a method that the subconscious mind can't understand.

The below links will help you get over the fear of public speaking by allowing you to communicate with your subconscious mind in a better way.

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