Inferiority Complex

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inferiority complex

Have you ever heard of a baby that felt inferior to other babies? Have you ever heard of a baby that didn’t want to play with other babies because he thinks that he is not as good as them?

I am sure you didn’t and that you will never hear of anything like that. Simply because no one is born inferior but it’s our culture and past life experiences that teaches us how to become inferior.

Being raised in cultures - that worship success, money and beauty - programs the minds of all of those who live in it to constantly compare themselves to other people; people who have these things then feel inferior if they found that they are different.

Inferiority is usually rooted to the person’s past where they first start to realize that there are some differences between them and between their peers. At this point, if they were able to acknowledge that all human beings have strengths and weaknesses they may label these things as weaknesses rather than signs of inadequacy.

The problem is that our societies don’t allow us to think rationally but instead they teach us concepts like inferiority, superiority, inadequacy and perfectionism.

This pattern of thinking results in someone who are always feeling that they are different than the others, and who think that they are inferior to them.

How to overcome inferiority complex

Inferiority may appear to be a persistent disorder but if you knew the right way to deal with it then it won't take you long before you become a confident person who knows that he is valuable and worthy with disregard to his social or financial position.

The following are the guidelines you should follow if you want to overcome inferiority complex. Note that some lines have links; follow them if you want to know more details about that specific topic:

  • Don’t depend on external factors to feel worthy because as long as your self worth is tied to external factors you will feel worthless if you lost any of these factors. Such factors may be a loving partner, being famous or having lots of money. see external self confidence for more information
  • Know that you were born clean and that were you just programmed to feel inferior. Nobody is born inferior; people just learn how to become inferior. Yes a baby feels inferior as a result of being surrounded by more capable adults but as soon as it learns the needed life skills the feelings of inferiority disappears.
  • Know that each human has strengths and weaknesses and unless you are aware of both you may become subject to programming by others
  • Know that your feelings of inferiority are not your fault. Meeting a bully, someone who is sadistic or someone who is suffering from personal disorder who made you feel inferior doesn’t mean that you are really inferior. It just means that you met someone who was in real need of treatment yet no one helped him. See children and inferiority complex for more info
  • Know that compensation won't solve anything. you might strive for money, power and fame and after you get them all you will find yourself still feeling inferior
  • Know that all racists feel inferior and that they feel worthy by devaluing others instead of feeling good about themselves. see social identity theory for more information
  • Know that self-confidence is a skill that can be learned. No one is born confident and there are no self-confidence genes. You can become confident if you decided to

Inferiority complex side effects

Inferiority will surely prevent you from taking any risks and will limit your success potential. After all if you think that you are an inadequate person then you will surely feel that your dreams are not worth becoming true and you might never try to make them true.

Whenever you get an idea that might turn into a successful business you will just discard it thinking that it’s as worthless as all other things that are related to you.

Moreover inferiority can make you fall in love with the wrong person and thus spend your whole life feeling miserable. In my book how to make someone fall in love with you I described how someone can fall in love with someone else just to compensate for his weaknesses. If the relationship’s main pillar was compensation then certainly it will collapse as it’s not based on real love.

Inferiority can make you feel bad, lonely, ashamed and can keep you depressed for years. If you feel that you are suffering from any kind of inferiority then start following these advice now so that you can get rid of such feelings.

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