How to increase my self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to increase my self confidence

One of the things that really confuses lots of people about self confidence is how some resourceful people lack self confidence while some people who have much less resources are more confident.

Why would a rich man feel inferior and why would a poor man feel confident?
Why would a successful man feel like a loser and why would a complete loser feel like a winner??

The answer to these question lies in the belief system of those people and how they were taught to think about the world. In this article i wont only help you understand this riddle but i will also tell you how to increase your self confidence.

Self confidence and the belief system

We all build our beliefs about the world as we grow up and even though at the age of globalization the media attempts to create universal beliefs in people's minds still each person ends up with his set of unique beliefs about the world. (see How the media affects people)

If a girl believed that she must be extremely beautiful in order to be worthy then she would never become self confident if she had average looks. On the other hand if a girl with average looks either believed that she looks good or either believed that looks are only one item in the whole package then she will feel more confident than the other girl even if she was less attractive than her.

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained your level of self confidence is not just determined by the resources that you have but its determined by a combination of the resources you have and the beliefs you have about these resources.

So how to become self confident?

In order to become self confident you need to do one of two things, either change your beliefs about the resources or either acquire the resources that you lack.

But the important question is, when to do the first task and when to do the second?

If for example you were too shy to talk to strangers or to even socialize with your peers then certainly any attempt to change your beliefs or to convince yourself that you are good that way would be considered self deception. In such a case its clear that you should work on acquiring the resources that you lack.

Now what if you were a perfectionist who believes that he must do everything perfectly in order to become worthy, in such a case its clear that the problem is not with your resources but it's with your belief system and working on changing your belief system in such a case is the right way to build your self confidence.

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