How the media affects people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How the media affects people

Yesterday i was in the gym and i had a hard time doing my regular exercises because my Ipod was out of charge and i had to listen to the romantic songs that were played there.

They weren't that normal kind of romantic songs but they were the type that gives you the impression that the singer is on his knees crying to get his lover back.

After all that might sound romantic to many people so why didn't i manage to exercise?
In order to know the answer to this question and to understand how the media affects people you must read this article.

You are what you listen to

A recent research has shown that people who see someone perusing a certain goal are more likely to become motivated to peruse their own goals. Most probably that happened to you too if you watched the movie Pursuit of happiness which is a very motivational movie about goal achievement.

Another research showed that children became more cooperative when they saw pictures of people helping each other. This is exactly what happened to some people after watching the fast and the furious movie, but instead of being cooperative they became mad drivers.

Whatever we see or hear affects the way we think, behave and affects our personalities.
If you watch comedy shows all the time your sense of humor will become better
If you listen to inspirational songs all the time you will become motivated
and if you watch sad drama all the time you might become pessimistic.

So the media doesn't only affect our current mood but it shapes our personalities on the long run.

What about your own media?

When i say the word media i don't only mean the TV or newspapers but i also mean your own media. The music that you prefer, the movies that you like to watch and the magazines that you like to read.

Your own media shapes your personality and your way of thinking to a great extent. Even getting exposed to a certain scene for few minutes can alter your way of thinking.

A third research has shown that people who stared at dinosaur skulls for minutes started to think about the meaning of life few minutes later. So if one scene can affect the brain in such a way then what could be the effect of a movie or a TV series?

How the media programs people's minds

There is no doubt that repetition can result in the creation of certain beliefs. When a person keeps receiving the same message over and over from TV and news programs they might end up believing in it.

In some countries which are ruled by dictators there are people who support those dictators as if they were God sent. You might mistakenly think that the rich or the ones who are getting some kind of benefit are those who support those dictators but that's only a part of the truth.

Many of the poor people actually support the dictators because of the continues programming they got from the media. Those people's brains were programmed to believe in certain things that they became facts for them.

Those people won't just have radical beliefs but they will also defend them aggressively if someone tried to point out to them that they are wrong. Under the effect of mind programming so many people start to develop certain twisted realities and then consider them facts. See Why do most people live a twisted reality & Why do people Twist the facts to support their beliefs.

Even the sane people who know that those messages are wrong might end up believing in some of them as they hear them from different sources and in different ways.

The media can even change public opinion regarding ethics and morals. I have seen many cases where people were defending killers just because the media made it seem like those people were killing for a purpose. The media can alter people's morals and ethics, when it's bad, and can easily make people change their beliefs about various things.

In short the media can't just shape the beliefs of a person but it can change the collective beliefs of a whole nation through subconscious mind programming. See Programming the subconscious mind

Why i didn't manage to exercise well

Now back to the romantic songs that were played in the gym
These songs teach people how to become broken, weak and helpless.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how listening to such songs can slow down the recovery from breakups to a great extent.

After all if your media is feeding you with ideas that promote helplessness then you will act upon these ideas and you won't recover quickly.

In the gym you need to feel the complete opposite in order to be able to lift heavy weights and because i know the effect of the media on the brain, mood and mind i was really feeling irritated while exercising.

You are not just what you eat
You are what you watch
and you are what you listen to

Beware of the effect of the media on the mind and specifically of your own media

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