Dealing with pessimism. pessimism psychology, causes and treatment

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why am i pessimistic?

These days everyone seems to be talking about optimism and positive thinking but for some people who are pessimistic such an advice sounds ridiculous.

Personally i can't blame a pessimistic person for not accepting such advice about optimism because an advice can only work when it matches the person's belief system.

Pessimism can certainly make your life worse, increase your bad moods and even result in depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be nothing more than a state of loss of hope a person reaches after becoming pessimistic.

Of course a pessimist is on the top of the list of people who are likely to lose hope and get depressed. Because of these reasons i decided to write this article to help you understand the causes of pessimism and let you know about the best ways to deal with it.

What causes pessimism?

What causes pessimism? Why would someone always expect the worse?
The below are some possible psychological causes for pessimism:

  • 1) Bad past experience: If a person failed many times he might start to believe that success is not possible and so become pessimistic. I am not saying that all pessimistic people are not successful but certainly pessimism holds many people back and prevents them from succeeding.
  • 2) Poor company and pessimism: I am sure you have met at least one pessimistic person who never failed simply because he never tried anything!! Pessimism isn't only caused by bad past experience but it can result from listening to people who tell you about their bad past experiences. If you are surrounded by pessimists then you will certainly become one after sometime even if you never failed before
  • 3) Pessimism and the belief system: Why would 2 different people fail then one of them becomes a pessimist while the other remains optimistic?? This happens because of the differences in their belief system. Pessimism can be caused by the negative limiting beliefs people acquire in their lives and thus one of the best ways to deal with pessimism is to fix your belief system
  • 4) Pessimism and religious beliefs: Certainly people who have certain religious beliefs tend to be more optimistic than those who don't have any. Because pessimism is the absence of hope you can deal with pessimism by doing anything that could bring hope back
  • 5) Pessimism and self confidence: No one can say that pessimistic people lack self confidence but its a fact that some people are pessimistic because of their lack of self confidence. If someone has self doubts or isn't sure of his ability to succeed then he will certainly become a pessimist

Dealing with pessimism and pessimistic people

Whether you are a pessimist or whether you come in contact with a pessimistic person who is important to you on a regular bases below are some tips that will help you deal with pessimism:

  1. Fix your belief system: If you want to deal with pessimism then there is nothing better you can do other than fixing your belief system. Here is an article that can help you do that Understanding limiting beliefs
  2. Understand the truth about success: No successful person has ever made it from the first attempt and even those who succeed quickly faced many setbacks in their lives. One of the best ways to deal with pessimism is to be realistic. Many pessimistic people claim that they are pessimistic because they are realistic while in fact if they were really realistic they would have understood that success never happens before failures are encountered
  3. Build self esteem: Certainly if the cause of your pessimism was low self esteem then the best way to deal with it is to build your self esteem. I hate websites that tell you that you must build self esteem in order to reach a certain goal without telling you how to do it. So here is a free self confidence course that will help you build your self esteem and end pessimism

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