Tips to become a positive thinker and to overcome negative thinking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Tips to become a positive thinker and to overcome negative thinking

kids are born without any idea about words or language.
As the kid keeps listening to his parents talking he starts to catch some of the words they say and eventually learns how to speak.

We all know that, but do you know that the kid doesn't only catch the language but he catches the way of thinking of his parents?

If the parents always think positively then most probably the kid will catch some of the positive phrases and use them in his life.

Our minds are like computers with empty hard disks that get filled with programs as we grow up. If this hard disk was filled with the right software then positive thinking will become our normal way of thinking and we won't need any effort to learn it.

since not everyone was lucky enough to find positive parents around him i decided to write this article to tell you how to think positively even if you were programmed to think negatively.

Where your negative self talk comes from

Your self talk,positive or negative, comes from the phrases you have been hearing throughout your life from close ones.

If your parents always cursed things whenever anything bad happened then most likely you will find yourself having the same phrases flying in your head the next time you face a problem.

So we can conclude that positive thinking is just the reflection of the language you have been taught to use.

Your parents aren't the only ones responsible for your positive thinking but your friends are responsible for a very big part too. If your friends always think positivity then your mind will become programmed to think that way and positive thinking will be one of your natural habits (see How your friends influence you).

So how to be a positive thinker?

You might be wondering now, how to think positively with all of those negative people around you?

here is how you can do it:

  • Know some positive people and stick to them: You shouldn't stop talking to your friends but you can know some positive people in addition to your current friends. The more time you spend with those people the more positive you will become.In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how your self confidence can be badly affected by just spending time with people who lack confidence!! those people will program your mind to think like them and so your self confidence will become lower!!
  • Challenge your negative self talk: The next time you find yourself thinking negatively challenge your self talk by responding with arguments and questions that proves your negative thoughts wrong. Each time you challenge a negative thought you make it weaker and less likely to affect you
  • Watch the programming sources you get exposed to: What movies do you watch? what songs do you listen to? what are the things you watch on TV? does these things program your mind positively and help you become a positive thinker or do they do the opposite?

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