Programming the subconscious mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Programming the subconscious mind

Programming the subconscious mind is not a hard task. you just need to make the conscious mind dormant or inactive using hypnosis or any other method, After that you can send your suggestions directly to the subconscious mind and program it.

In fact there is another programming method that can be used even if the conscious mind was fully awake which is using a trusted source.

Programming the subconscious mind via a trusted source

Is there someone you know that you trust a lot? Is there someone you believe that he knows much more than you?

That person doesn’t necessarily need to know more than you in all life fields but one field is more than enough to let you consider him a trusted source.

What you might not be aware of is that most of what that person says goes directly to your subconscious without any filtration. It's like you're hypnotized, his words and ideas can program your subconscious mind and affect your life greatly.

Religion and the subconscious-mind programming:

Of course if you're a believer then there is no one that you can possibly trust more than God. Based on that fact when you read your religion's Holy Book the information in it will go directly to your subconscious mind, program it and turn to solid beliefs.

But what if you don’t feel that those ideas reached your subconscious despite having understood them very well? Unfortunately that probably means that you don’t trust the source 100%.

Once the conscious mind trusts a source it will hardly do any filtering to the information it receives from it. On the other hand if it didn’t trust it then it will start questioning the information and to filter it.

If that is the case then make sure that you work on strengthening your faith. Read as much as you can. If you have some doubts about your religion then search more until you find your answers.

Falling in love and subconscious-mind programming

People develop emotional attachment for those they see often and that's why they usually fall in love with those who live nearby. This is also the same reason you might find the girl next door attractive.

In my book ,How to make someone fall in love with you, i explained how repetition can help you program someone into loving you. For example if three of your friends went on three different days to a girl that you like then told her that you are a great person she will start to think that you are an attractive person even if she never thought of this before.

Final words on subconscious-mind programming

Once you program your subconscious mind you can insert any belief you want, override any belief that you don’t want, change your unwanted behavior and even break bad habits.

Just remember that the first thing you've got to do is to get the conscious mind out of your way so you can directly program the subconscious mind.

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