How to hypnotize other people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to hypnotize other people

If you want a quick answer to whether you can hypnotize other people or not then its a "YES".

This time you aren't going to ask them to relax because you don't want to tell them that you are going to hypnotize them.

Instead you will need to bypass their conscious mind by distracting it somehow and so open the way for sending your suggestions to their subconscious minds.

Do you think it's difficult? in fact you get daily hypnotized by TV ads! Read this article to know how to hypnotize other people.

you get hypnotized daily

Here's a simple example of hypnosis that happens while we watch TV. John was watching his favorite TV series but there was a problem ,the hero got stuck in a moving train and his enemies were just behind him and while they where running after him suddenly a fizzy drink's commercial appeared.

Jon started wonder, what is the hero going to do? Will he manage to escape?

This is exactly what happened to john's mind: His conscious mind was totally busy with the hero trying to find a way out for him. All of the information and suggestions in the fizzy drink's commercial passed to john's subconscious mind unfiltered. He didn't by any means take a deeper look to analyze the commercial because he was busy thinking about something else.

Automatically, the following day john went shopping and noticed that the fizzy drink he saw yesterday in the TV and so he bought it !!

If you want to do that to one of your friends then simply find a way to grab his attention so that you keep his conscious mind busy then send him your suggestions.

how to hypnotize your friend

Here is another example for hypnosis, If for instance you were talking to your friend about a subject that he is very interested in (you can know that from his body language) you can add hypnotizing messages in between your words like , "hey, just do that and you will feel happy".

Of course if your messages were so direct his conscious mind may become in control again and filter them out. When sending suggestions try to be indirect, don't say something like "I am your leader, do all what I ask you to do."

Another very important factor is that you can even bypass someone’s conscious mind even if it was fully awake just in case he trusts you!!.

When you trust someone or when you believe that someone knows much about a certain topic you will usually turn your conscious filters off while listening to him and so most of his words will pass directly to your subconscious mind.

Some companies were accused of using very fast messages that pass on the screen in their commercials that can be only noticed by the subconscious that suggests buying their products.

Such messages were discovered when the videos were viewed using slow motion. This technique is called Subliminal Messages .

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