How to attract positive things

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to attract positive things

Lots of people believe that the law of attraction is all about closing their eyes, day dreaming about what they want then waking up to find their dreams coming true.

I have always criticized this way of thinking and said more than once that those people will keep dreaming forever without reaching any of things that they wanted to reach.

On the other hand there is another attraction method that works and that can help you attract more positive things in your life. Based on scientific facts, research and experiments it was found that you can attract positive things if you sent out positive energy first.

How to attract positive things by sending positive energy?

Yesterday I called one of my friends who weren’t feeling that good, for some reason I was very enthusiastic and optimistic at the first few seconds of the call. Shortly the guy replied saying "I have good news for you" and his tone changed throughout the call.

Its very clear in this example that I attracted something positive out of a person who was in a bad mood just by starting the conversation with a positive tone, but the question is, why did that happen?

In order to understand how this attraction happened you must first know the following few facts about the operation of the mind:

  • The mind is like a big map: The mind is like a big map that has millions of positive, negative and neutral thoughts. Once you reach one point on the map you will automatically think of the related points.
  • You can define the starting point on a map: What will come to your mind now if I told you the word “Power?” or what will come to your mind if I told you the word "Hate". By saying different words I am shifting your focus from one point on the map to another point

As soon as someone focuses on a different point in his mind map he will shortly discover the other areas that are related to it. Thinking about the sea might make you remember the sea food restaurant you visited few weeks ago.

Now when you talk in a positive tone or say positive things you force the people listening to you to focus on related positive things.

The power of positive thoughts

When we become angry we think of nothing other than vengeance, revenge or hatred because we become focused on a certain point in our mind map and all of its surrounding areas.

The same goes for positive thoughts, as soon as something good happens you will find yourself thinking positively for a while just because this thing shifted your focus to a positive area in your mind map.

If you want to attract positive comments and encounter positive things then spread positive thoughts so that you shift the focus of the people you are with to a positive areas.

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