The power of positive thinking explained

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Power of Positive thinking

Some people incorrectly hype the power of positive thinking making it appear as if it’s some kind of magic. While positive thinking can dramatically change your life still it must be based on pure logical reasons and reasonable facts.

This article will tell you how to use the power of positive thinking in a practical way that really works.

Positive thinking & Fulfilling the prophecy

If you believed that you are going to perform well in your next job interview then you are very likely to keep visualizing this performance many times before you go to the real interview.

Your subconscious mind will consider this visualization to be some kind of an order for it to perform well in the interview (see behavior and visualization) and the end result will be a good performance. It all started with positive thinking which led to visualization that motivated your subconscious mind to fulfill the prophecy.

Each time you think positively about an upcoming situation you actually program your mind to perform well in that situation. Do you know why stage actors keep practicing many times before their shows?

It's because they know that practicing something over and over will make them really good at it. The same exactly happens to your mind when you think positively. Once you visualize something your mind will believe that it has been through the real experience and so your future performance will become better.

Positive thinking & your Subconscious mind

When you develop a belief your subconscious mind tends to collect all the evidence that can support this belief even if the evidence wasn’t crystal clear. For example, if someone thought that they are ugly then someone stared at them in the street then probably they will think that people stare at them because they are ugly.

While there was no direct or clear proof to support that belief the person still believed that starring happened because of their ugly looks. In short your mind doesn't really care about proofs when it believes in something simply because it collects it's own proofs all the time.

This is another reason why positive thinking can be very powerful. If you started to believe that you are a confident and attractive person then your mind will collect some signs to prove your belief correct.

In such a case you will tend to interpret the responses you get from people as signs that show that they think that you are confident and attractive.

This in turn will give you more confidence and so the belief will become stronger. Contrary to common beliefs, people don’t collect evidence then believe in something but they first believe in things then they collect further evidence to support their beliefs.

Positive thinking is not the same as being overly optimistic but it’s the art of finding opportunities in every difficulty you face. The power of positive thinking mainly comes from the synergy that happens between the conscious and the subconscious mind when they both believe that the outcome will be positive.

Attracting positive things

There are many theories out there that explain how being positive can help you attract more positive things in your life. Without getting much into energy, waves and things that can't be measured we can still prove this concept true.

When you become positive you are very likely to try new things, to take more risks and to search for new opportunities. This positive mental attitude can certainly help you achieve your goals and can in turn help you become more positive.

So being positive can certainly result in success and this in turn can result in more positivity.

Can positive thinking cure depression?

If you broke a leg, can positive thinking remove the pain you are experiencing?
of course this can't happen because the pain wont be removed unless you see a doctor.

Depression usually stems from an unsolved problem the person is ignoring and thus it can never go away unless the person starts taking actions. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how positive thinking cannot cure depression unless the person stops ignoring his problems.

Depression is just a message that is sent to you by your mind asking you to take actions. If you took the right actions the message will no longer be needed and your depression will disappear. Positive thinking might help in easing the bad feelings but its never a solution to depression.

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