Free Positive thinking tips & techniques

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Positive thinking techniques

When some people hear about positive thinking for the first time they think that positive thinking is the same as being optimistic. While optimism is a great thing still its not a practical solution for solving life problems.

There is no magic in here, positive thinking is a tool that can help you solve your problems if you knew how to use it. This article contains very effective positive thinking techniques that can help you become a positive thinker even if you were surrounded by many negative factors.

Positive thinking tips

The following are some well selected positive thinking tips, None of them was added with the purpose of making the article become longer so read them all carefully.

  • Positive Media : The more you listen to positive songs, watch positive movies and see positive images the more you will become a positive thinker. Music can dramatically change your mood and your thinking style. That’s why special care should be taken before selecting the songs you are going to listen to. Listening to a certain song for few weeks can make you a positive thinker while listening to another one can result in making you feel down most of the time. (see the article the psychology of Music for more information)
  • Subconscious mind programming: The more you listen to negative phrases the more will your subconscious mind become programmed to think negatively that’s why its so important to accompany positive thinkers. I am sure that you have noticed that hanging out with one of your friends can result in making you feel bad even if you were feeling good at the beginning. This is not an advice to dump your friends who think negatively but its an advice to pick new friends who think positively in addition to the old ones.
  • See Opportunities in difficulties:
  • Being stuck in the traffic jam could be seen as something that spoils the day or it could be seen as an opportunity to listen to the personal development tape you bought yesterday. Whenever you face a problem or a difficulty try to find out how can you make the best use out of it. Focus on finding opportunities in difficulties rather than focusing on finding difficulties in opportunities.

  • Smile It was proven that smiling can change your mood even if there was no reason for smiling. Whenever you face a problem smile then start to search for a solution. By time you will find yourself thinking positively without doing extra effort.
  • Avoid snowballs Usually major breakdowns start by one small negative thought then each negative though brings another one resulting in a snowball effect that totally changes your mood from positive to negative. Read this article to know how to get over the snowball effect of negative thinking
  • Cut the root: Sometimes people can't think positively because of an existing problem that they are ignoring. This problem usually becomes buried in their subconscious minds then it constantly brings them negative thoughts. You don’t have to solve all of your problems but just decide to face them and this will be enough to remove the negative thinking that is associated with unsolved problems. This will definitely allow more room for positive thinking.

Can positive thinking cure depression?

Unless you find the root cause for your depression and start taking actions to get rid of this root cause positive thinking won't be helpful at all.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how ignoring your problems and allowing them to accumulate can be the primary source for depression. Some people face problems as soon as they encounter them while others bury them deeply in their subconscious minds or throw them behind their backs. When they do so their subconscious minds usually responds back with depression.

Thinking positively can surely reduce the intensity of your bad emotions but taking actions is the most powerful thing you can do to get rid of your depression.

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