Psychological Effect Of Music Part II

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What’s the Difference?

----------------Begin lyrics---------------------
I Can See
When You Stay Low
Nothing Happens
Does It Feel Right?
Late At Night
Things I Thought I'd Put Behind Me
Haunt My Mind

I Just Know There's No Escape Now
Once It Sets It's Eyes On You
But I Wont Run
Have To Stare It In The Eyes

Stand My Ground
I Won't Give In
No More Denying
I've Gotta Face It
Won't Close My Eyes And Hide The Truth Inside
If I Don't Make It, Someone Else Will
Stand My Ground
---------------End Lyrics--------------------------

This is a part taken from the lyrics of the song "Stand My Ground" by the Band "Within Temptation".

----------------Begin Lyrics-------------------------
Baby when you left me
Everything went wrong
Without you beside me
How can I get along?
I am hopeless
I am desperate
I am lost
Baby please come back and take me
Save me from this loss
Oh baby Oh baby I am lost
-----------------------End Lyrics----------------------

This is also a part of a song taken from an anonymous band.

Music and Motivation

I am sure that you have noticed the incredible differences between the two lyrics. The first song can program your mind with positive statements and affirmations that sooner or later will get into your subconscious mind and turn into positive beliefs.

The second song can program your mind with negative thoughts and negative ideas that will sooner or later penetrate into your subconscious mind and make you feel hopeless and weak.

I have outlined the importance of music as a tool for motivation many times before but the first time I heard this song: “Stand my ground”, I felt eager to write a special article about it.

Songs that contain such positive messages can change your mood within few seconds even if you used to feel down before listening to them.

Of course I know that you may love other types of music and that you have your own music preferences but when choosing your play list, don’t forget to add few songs that can pull you up and to reduce the songs that can push you down.

Repetition Strengthens Beliefs

Your mind is in a constant process of receiving input through your senses. Each bit of input you received either positively or negatively affects your overall mood.

Don’t keep pouring negative input into your mind then come back later and ask yourself “Why am I feeling so down??” Repetition is a very strong weapon in creating and maintaining new beliefs.

You can even convince someone to believe in something just by repeating it over and over. Even if he was totally against the idea and even if your argument wasn’t that strong sooner or later repetition can affect his beliefs. The same thing happens with the music that you listen to, so be careful when choosing the songs in your play list!

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