Motivating songs (Psychological effect of songs and music)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Psychological effect of songs

In my previous article the psychological effect of songs I said that whatever you see, hear or imagine affects your beliefs and in turn your life.

For example a person who always listens to slow music may tend to become a romantic person while someone who always listens to motivating songs will tend to become Self motivated.

I have selected few motivating songs and mentioned them in this article so that you can use them to motivate yourself. Please note the main aim of this article is not to let you download those specific songs because after all they might not match your taste but the aim of this article is to let you know how to pick a motivating song that affects your life in a positive way.

motivational songs for work, sports and life

  • Breaking the habit tonight by linkin park: All the positive messages in that song could directly program your subconscious mind and help you in quitting bad habits( see a detailed analysis of breaking the habit psychological effect
  • Remember me by Josh Groban Not only the words are motivating but this song can become the favorite song for over confident people, people who have superiority complex and the ones who are proud of themselves
  • The Mass by ERA: Not only the words can motivate you but also the music, listening to such motivating music will make you motivated.
  • Stand My Ground by Within Temptation: Perfect choice of words. This one can really pull you up if you are down. I even wrote a special article about it
  • Holding out for a hero: This one is good too, not that motivating compared to the others but its still a good one
  • Pale,Within temptation:Every line in this song could motivate you. Those people have done great job selecting their words. this song is perfect for anyone who is going after a goal
  • Evanescence: Generally all Evanescence songs tend to energize people, I tried working out while listening to them and I got good results. just make sure you pick songs that does not contain false beliefs that could put you down like my immortal
  • Recommended sound tracks: I strongly recommend those sound tracks, The rock sound track, van helsing (journey to Transylvania), last samurai (red warrior) and King Arthur (woad to ruin)
  • Great Music composers: Those people are real good you can download any of their music randomly. Alan silvestri, Hans Zimmer and James horner.

This is just my opinion

After all am not asking you to listen to what I like to. just pick the song that suits your personality but pick ones that could motivate you and avoid ones that could negatively impact your life.

I would be glad to receive feedback from you about adding new songs to this list. If you have a motivating song that you recommend for other readers then contact me right away.

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