Superiority complex

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Superiority complex

Superiority complex is the type of complex that develops when a person who suffers from inferiority complex decides to act superior in order to mask his inferiority.

The person who has superiority complex usually claims that his opinion is always better than others and that he’s more important than his peers.

Causes of superiority complex

Superiority complex is usually a direct result of an underlying inferiority complex. Because the person suffers from feelings of inferiority he compensates by moving in the opposite direction which is acting superior.

Superiority complex and confidence

You should not mix superiority complex with self confidence. Some people have developed a feeling of confidence in a certain life field based on true facts they know about themselves.

For example you may feel very confident about public speaking if you’ve been practicing it for years and still it doesn’t mean that you feel superior to others or that you have inferiority feelings. It just means that you know yourself well and that you are confident.

The problem with superiority complex

The problem with superiority complex is that even though the person knows that he feels inferior deep within still he acts arrogantly.

That person may refuse to see a psychiatrist for example because he feels superior to him and will thus never get a proper treatment.

I admit it. What do I do now?

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained that in order to overcome superiority complex you must first remove the underlying inferiority complex.

Cutting off the branch of the tree won’t bring the tree down and the branch will grow back. You have to cut off the root in order to prevent the tree from every growing again.

By treating the cause of inferiority you’ll get rid of the superiority complex.

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