The Psychological Effect of Songs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Subconscious Mind Programming

One of the facts about the operation of the mind that is not known to everyone is that everything that you hear or see programs your mind. The child who was constantly being called names like dumb or fool grows up thinking that he really is dumb.

A person who was told that he can't succeed, whether by other people or himself, will never succeed and a person who always watches comedy movies will tend to be more optimistic.

As you can see each type of input we receive is stored in our minds and is turned into a belief if it was repeated often.

If you constantly receive negative messages as input you will have negative beliefs and vice versa. I know that sometimes negative messages cannot be avoided and I know that people who put you down are usually more than those who push you up but in this article I am addressing something different.

I am talking about the case where you become the source of these negative messages.
Wondering how can this happen? By selecting the wrong songs and listening to them!!

Programming Yourself with the Songs You Listen To

Have you ever noticed the words of your favorite song?
Have you ever analyzed them and tried to find how many negative messages they contain?

The songs you listen to are no more than suggestions accompanied by music. These suggestions are even more dangerous than normal ones because you usually listen to music while you're busy doing something else. This allows the suggestions in the song to go directly into your subconscious mind without first being filtered by the conscious mind!!!!

Do you know what this means? This means that if you listened to a song containing 5 negative messages 10 times a day then you will be exposing yourself to 50 negative messages every day!!!

An Analysis of the Song “My Immortal”

“My Immortal”, one of Evanescence's tracks, is one of my personal favorites, however before listening to my immortal or similar songs you should first prepare yourself psychologically so that you don't get programmed or affected by the messages they contain.

The suggestions you will receive from that song will turn into beliefs that may impact your ability to recover from break-ups. The following are selected lines taken from the song’s lyrics along with an interpretation of the negative messages each line contains:

I am so tired of being here
(Message: I am really feeling bad)

Because your presence still lingers here and it won’t leave me alone
(Message: I will never be able to forget about you)

These wounds won’t seem to heal; this pain is just too real
(Message: this pain will never go away because it’s too real)

There is just too much that time cannot erase
(Whatever happens I will never be able to forget about you because of
all of these good memories we had together)

I have tried so hard to tell myself that you are gone but though you are still with me
(I have already tried, but I failed, I will never be able to help myself)
(In summary: there is no hope, I will suffer, I will feel pain, you will never come back and I will stay broken forever)

Wow! These five very powerful negative messages are repeated three times throughout the song! If you like this song as I do and if you listen to it several times a day then you will be receiving loads of negative suggestions every day.

These messages will affect the way you deal with break-ups and so the next time you find breakup you will take ages to recover. (if you ever recovered)

If you tried to both listen to these songs and recover from a bad breakup you will find conflicting emotions within your mind. something that can hardly help you recover.

You must understand the dangers behind these messages and carefully select the songs you listen to. Doing so will enable you to avoid affecting your life negatively without even knowing it.

Should I Completely Avoid Listening to Songs like "My Immortal"?

Of course not, but there are rules for listening to these types of songs. In the case of my immortal, you should first read about the psychology of falling in love to know the truth about recovery from breakups and to discover that there is nothing called “the one”.

You need to discover that you can get over any person no matter how attached you were to him/her. After knowing all of these facts the programming messages in the song will no longer affect you.

You should also know that these messages are far from being true. Just try to enjoy the music and words and don't let the negative ideas get into your mind.

If you just broke up with someone and if you still feel bad then you should completely AVOID these types of songs since they will only slow down your recovery.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i pointed out how the music you listen to can delay your recovery from breakups for months!! Those who listen to romantic songs after breakups recover 10 times slower than those who don't. So if you want to recover fast from breakups then make sure you avoid such songs until you fully recover.

Successful People Usually Listen to Motivating Songs

Try to find what successful and motivated people listen to and you will be amazed to know that successful people tend to prefer special types of music!!

You will almost never find a self-motivated person who does not listen to motivating songs like “breaking the habit tonight”. My advice to you is to select your songs wisely because whatever you hear or see programs your mind and so affects your life directly.

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