why do some people criticize and put people down

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do some people criticize and put people down

why do some people criticize and put people down?
Of course its quite acceptable that a person criticizes someone else in order to let him avoid a certain mistake in the future. For example a boss can criticize an employee when he makes a mistake or a parent can criticize his child for the same reason.

but why do some people seem to criticize and put others down for no apparent reason?
What motivates those people to act this way?

What motivates some people to criticize and put others down?

We now agreed that i excluded those who criticize others for constructive purposes and thus i am talking about those who criticize others and put them down for other reasons. Each person wants to feel successful or worthy in a way or another, that's a part of human nature.

Some people do that by striving for success while some people do it by standing still and putting others down!! In the Solid Self confidence program i said that some people criticize others and put them down just to feel worthy and successful.

According to the person's point of view, if i put everyone down then i will be the only one remaining who is worthy.

This usually happens out of a jealousy and inferiority feelings. It happened to me more than once that friends who were not close to me tried to put me or down or to prove to me that i achieved no success in life. Of course they never do it directly but you can easily guess it from the questions they ask you.

"So Farouk, don't you think you wasted your life blogging without doing something useful?"

That's the type of question you get from a jealous person who feels worthless deep inside and who wants to put you down in order to steal a quick victory.

Because that person failed to achieve your same level of success, popularity or whatever he moved the battle field to another place where he can win an easy point.

How to deal with people who criticize and put you down

When i encounter such a person i do my best not to respond at all to give him more than once chance to prove his intentions. If i felt that a person is jealous of my success for example i talk about some of my achievements with the aim of tempting him to get out all that is inside his chest.

If the person's intention were really bad and if he criticized you just to feel good then he will certainly keep doing it over and over.

Once you make sure that the person is criticizing and putting you down out of bad intentions you have the option of either smiling and not replying because you know that he is the weak one who is feeling both jealous and inferior or either confronting him directly with his intentions.

This usually lets the person turn to the defensive side. Just tell one of those people that he could feel better about himself by succeeding than putting others down and see his response yourself.

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