Why do i feel worthless

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i feel worthless

Why do you sometimes meet a person who makes you feel worthless?
Why do you feel worthless around some strangers but not your close friends?
and Where does feelings of worthlessness come from?

The psychological identity refers to the way the person thinks of himself. When someone says that he is "The engineer" then he is identifying with his job. If anything happened that made the person question his identity or believe that he failed at maintaining it then he will feel worthless.

In this article i will explain exactly why do you feel worthless sometimes.

Identity crisis and feeling worthless

Throughout our lives we shift from a major identity to another. A woman might think of herself as a "Wife" when she gets married and then when she gives birth she might think of herself as a "mom".

These are examples of two roles or identities that this woman passed through as she was progressing through life. Lets suppose that her husband decided to divorce her, if she thought that the divorce was her fault then she might feel worthless because her identity as a wife was shaken.

The same would happen if she discovered that her kids were not emotionally stable because she will feel that she failed to maintain the role of a mom.

So we feel worthless when we fail to maintain one of our major identities.

Why do i feel worthless around some people?

Lets suppose that the lady in the previous example had a very good relationship with her husband but didn't manage to raise mentally healthy children. Most probably she will feel comfortable around other wives but worthless around moms.

Because she will always compare herself to successful moms who managed to keep the identity that she failed to maintain she will always feel worthless around them.

That's the same reason why a man might feel worthless if he saw a younger one driving a Ferrari. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the root of inferiority complex is comparing yourself to others unfavorably in way that makes you lose each comparison and so feel worthless.

How to not feel worthless

In order not to feel worthless you have to do two things.
The first is to not identity with one role in your life. This means that your life must be full so that you have many identities instead of becoming dependent on only one to feel good about yourself.

The second thing you should do is fixing what went wrong. If you failed to be a good wife, mother, engineer or student then this doesn't mean that its the end of the world. you can try again until you manage to succeed at what you failed to do in the past.

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