How to gain self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to gain self Confidence

How to gain self confidence?
Contrary to common beliefs there are no people who were born with lack of self confidence but there are those who were born confident then learned how not to be confident!!

All children are born confident; they even think that they are the center of the world and that everybody is there to serve them. Self centered people are those who failed to move on from the stage of thinking that they are the center of the world to the stage where they know that they live among other humans.

In this article i will tell you how to gain self confidence.

you were born confident!!!

A child can keep trying to do the same thing for hours without losing hope, without feeling desperate and without losing confidence.

A child might fall hundreds of times before he learns how to walk and still he won't lose hope. A baby may try to fix a broken doll for tens of times without feeling bored or sad.

So why do we lose hope as grown ups and why do we lack self confidence as grown ups although we were confident children? It’s because we learned how not to be confident!! We were taught how to lose hope and how to become afraid before we try something new.

We learned how to become anxious and how to feel stressed whenever we face uncertainties. We learned how to limit our abilities with false beliefs. Know that you were born confident and that you lack no confidence genes (because they don’t exist) but you just acquired some unhealthy beliefs that made you feel that you lack self confidence.

So after all those new beliefs are what's responsible for the lack of self confidence and not your true self. People usually misunderstand this concept and think that they are defective but the truth is that their true selves are just covered by some dust of false ideas that hides their real identities.

In order to gain self confidence you need to realize this important fact so that your subconscious mind becomes open to the idea of rebuilding your confidence

How to gain self confidence the right way

Instead of saying I want to build my self confidence or gain self confidence say I want to rebuild my self confidence or I want to regain my self confidence.

The best way you can regain your self confidence is removing those false ideas you learned throughout your life. The guide below will help you go through step by step process of rebuilding your self confidence so that you can become confident once again.

Gaining self confidence might prevent depression

I am not saying that confident people don't get depressed or that depression is the result of lack of self confidence but depression itself results from becoming indifferent towards solving a life problem that is bothering you.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how this indifference can send a signal to your subconscious mind telling it that hope is lost and that's why it responds with depression.

If you gained more self confidence in your abilities you won't lose hope fast but instead you will do your best to solve your life problems and so depression will be less likely to attack you.

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