How to Become Powerful

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Bow to the Powerful

Everyone at the bank was watching him silently while the bomb specialist was trying to deactivate the bomb. Whenever he asked for something everybody did their best to get it and whenever he talked all became quit just to listen to his words

Why do you think those people were acting that way? Why do you think they respected the man and gave him their attention? Simply because he was in a position of power. The power he acquired through his knowledge of deactivating bombs.

What Is Power?

Power is the ability to influence both, people and your surroundings. It’s the ability of being in control instead of simply reacting to events as they occur. It’s the ability to make a change instead of being a helpless spectator. Power is what can make some people respect you, others fear you and its a trait that can help you get what you want

What you may not be aware of is that there are many sources of power and not just one. The good news is that some of these sources can be easily acquired. So if you don’t have the power you always wanted to have then don't worry at all.

How to Become Powerful

Each of the following is a way that can help you gain more power. Learn about these items and collect as many of them as you can in order to become powerful:

  • Power of Knowledge: Some people really underestimate the phrase “Knowledge is power”. Just take a look at the above example. It is clear that knowledge can be a strong source of power. This fact is true for all life fields starting with the knowledge of how to punch someone to knock him down going through becoming a specialist in your field so that your company would not afford to lay you off and all the way to knowing how to impress people and thus becoming more popular.

    Now that it's clear how empowering knowledge can be you should start acquiring knowledge that is relevant to the kind of power you want to have. If you are after social power then start by learning more about social skills, if you want to be powerful inside your company then learn about the things that other employees know nothing about and so on.

  • Charisma: Everyone agrees that charisma is a gift yet there are still various ways that can help you become more charismatic. Building your self-confidence, learning assertiveness, adjusting your body language, changing your tone of voice, changing the way you dress and improving the first impression you leave are all factors that will help you appear to be much more charismatic than you actually are.
  • Power of Love: When someone loves you he will do almost anything for you. If you managed to gain people’s attention and admiration then then you can influence them with your opinions and ideas. Check the guide to making someone love you and the guide to making people admire you and you will realize how possible that is.
  • The power of self understanding: Those who understand themselves more are more powerful than those who lack self understanding because they always manage to get themselves out of bad moods. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how the difference between a depressed and a happy person can be nothing more than self understanding. Some people are depressed not because they have done something wrong but because they aren't doing the right things. For example if you are depressed because you lack intimate relationships then working the whole day with the excuse of having a high work load will definitely result in depression. In such a case self understanding will lead you to the conclusion that developing new relationships is the only way that can help you get over depression. The more you understand yourself and your emotions the more you will become powerful
  • Personal Power:Why do some people rise after being knocked down? What distinguishes those who rise from others who fall? It’s the ability to control your emotions when others fail to do so and it’s the ability to change the surrounding conditions when others give up and feel helpless. Fortunately, this sort of power can be acquired through both, self-understanding and personal development. Being here, surfing this site, means you already are on your way to acquire it, Keep it up! (see How to be strong in life)
  • Power of Money: We all know that money is a source of power but what you might not be aware of is that we all have the potential to become rich. your false beliefs may be the reason you didn't reach your full potential. The false ideas you have about money might be the main reason you don't have lots of it.

There are many other sources of power but they can't all be mentioned in one article. I want you to understand the nature and variety of these sources so that you can find more of them on your own. Just scan your environment for all possible sources of power that can be acquired then work towards collecting some of them.

Don’t Sell Yourself for Power

Some people try to do their best to collect more of these sources of power, ignoring every ethical value. If you did the same you may end up becoming very powerful but you will also end up with disrespect to yourself and a deep unconscious feeling of guilt.

Nothing is better than becoming powerful while preserving your values.
Once you become powerful without feeling guilty because of the way you acquired your power you will be able to enjoy this power you acquired.

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