Impression Management, How to Control the Impression people Form of You

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Impression Management

Do your friends think that you are boring?
Are you wondering why people don't like you?
Do you think that you are always misunderstood?

If your answers were yes then don't worry you are not bad but most probably you have just left the incorrect impression.

Impression management is the term referring to the process of using certain techniques in order to control the impression people form of you.

Impression management techniques involves both sending certain messages to the subconscious mind of people by alerting your body language and sending messages to their conscious mind by choosing certain.

Impression Management and the Impression Others form of you

Every now and then I receive mails from someone telling that others think that he is boring and whenever i talk to one of the people sending me such mails i never find them boring.

so what’s happening in here? that person just left the incorrect impression while in fact he is not boring at all.

Here is an example that can show you how leaving the wrong impression can result in letting people form false ideas about you. suppose that you were having a real bad day and that you were totally out of the mood then you met someone for the first time.

what will your behavior be like? Most probably you won’t be that talkative, you will hardly be friendly and will rarely smile. In such a case certainly that person will believe that you are boring or not interesting.

What i am trying to say is that the impression people form of you depends more on your behaviour than on your true personality.

You may be a very interesting person yet your shyness can make you appear like a boring person. If you someone didn’t like you, said that you are boring or not interesting then don’t panic!! Its just the impression you left that made him think that way and not your personality.

Impression management and making people fall in love with you

Impression management can also help you make people fall in love with you. In my book, How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how the impression people form of you can make some of them fall in love with you.

By altering the impression you leave in such a way that you convince your target that you are the right person for him you will increase the chance of making him fall in love with you.

For example if someone admires confident people then appearing to be confident and assertive will do the job.

How to Leave the Impression that you Want

The Impression people form of you is dependent on many factors like your body language, your clothes, your belongings (car, mobile, office …etc), the topics that you talk about and all other things that are related to you.

By manipulating these items depending on the people you are dealing with you will be able to leave the positive impression that you want.

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