How to Make People Admire You

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Want to Become a Role Model?

Do you want to become a role model?
Do you want people to admire you?
Do you want to have fans?

Most probably your answers were going to be yes. Everyone knows how it feels to be admired by others even if they haven’t experienced it before.

It's always great to find people talking about your accomplishments and how great you are. Fortunately, like anything else in this world, there are rules that if followed can make people admire you easily.

How to Make People Admire Me?

  • Show them that you have what they lack: People usually admire others who have what they don't have. A person lacking self-confidence will usually admire and become attracted to a confident person. The weak is attracted to the strong and the coward is attracted to the courageous. Your goal should be finding out what your friends (or anyone else you want to admire you) lack. Then you should try to show them that you have that thing they miss. Even if you don't currently possess this thing,you should do your best to acquire it then show it to people and they will admire you
  • If you don’t know what they lack: The first point leads us to the second point. What if you don’t know what those people lack? That's not really a problem, because statistically most people are not brave, not very self-confident and not strong. All you have to do is build up these qualities in yourself then market yourself to others.
  • Use the law of attraction: People are usually attracted to people who have similar interests to them. The more interests you have in common with other people the more people you will attract and the higher the possibility of being admired by them will become (see the law of attraction).
  • Success Success in any life field will probably let some people admire you since success is something that eludes many. You will also find some people becoming jealous of this success and you may make few enemies. But in the end you can't make people admire you without making some enemies along the way
  • Position yourself well in their minds What is the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when he hears your name? Will it be “respect” , “honesty”, “strength”, “will power” or will it be “loser”? Positioning yourself is simply identifying yourself with a certain image in the minds of others (read the full guide for positioning yourself in people's minds).

Don’t Lose Your Identity

One very important thing you should take care of is not to lose your identity just to get accepted by others.

Don’t do things that are against your own beliefs and values just to get admired by others, because if you do, even if you managed to get millions of fans you will never feel self-confident.

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